Scientists discover new and cheaper hydrogen fuel production method

hydrogen fuel production - new water-splitting material - water

A unique catalyst can help harvest fuel from water. An inexpensive material has been developed for hydrogen fuel production by researchers from the University of Houston and the California Institute of Technology in the United States. This novel catalyst can help split water to produce hydrogen fuel without the need for an additional catalyst, ETEnergyWorld reported. The new catalyst performs both functions required to split water. Traditionally, in order to split water for hydrogen fuel production, it is a process that requires two catalysts. One is needed to create a…

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Hydrogen fuel cells have a promising future in North America

North America - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

New report highlights growth of hydrogen fuel cells in North America Transparency Market Research, a market intelligence firm, has released a new report concerning the fuel cell industry in North America. The report aims to predict the trends that will emerge and affect the world of hydrogen fuel by 2018. Various types of fuel cells are covered in the report, ranging from large stationary systems to smaller mobile fuel cells that are most commonly used in vehicles. The report, titled “North American Market for Fuel Cell Technology – Trends and…

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Researchers develop new catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Nanotechnology nanoparticles

New catalyst could make hydrogen fuel cells less expensive Hydrogen fuel cells are receiving more attention for their capabilities at energy production. While the promising properties of fuel cells are gaining more notice, so too are their faults, such as the amount of costly materials that they rely upon. Fuel cells need catalysts in order to function properly and these catalysts are almost exclusively made from platinum. This makes hydrogen fuel cells quite expensive, which also makes them somewhat unattractive in certain markets. A team of German researchers may have…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may get cheaper thanks to new catalyst process

Solar Energy Market - Research

Hydrogen fuel cells receive criticism due to cost Recently, the U.S. discovered that it was home to a massive amount of natural gas, which is contained in shale deposits founds throughout the country. With an abundant source of natural gas, hydrogen fuel cells are likely to find powerful traction in the country, especially in regards to transportation. Fuel cells have become a major focus of the auto industry in recent years, with most major automakers planning to commercialize hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2015. There is, of course, the issue of cost…

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