SCRA completes new hydrogen fuel production project

Gas-to-hydrogen project at BMW facility reaches completion SCRA, an applied research corporation, has completed a new gas-to-hydrogen project at a BMW facility located in South Carolina. The project received support from the U.S. Department of Energy and it had a focus of finding ways to economically convert landfill gases into usable hydrogen fuel. This type of hydrogen production method is becoming more popular, as it may represent an efficient way to supply the fuel to those that are making use of fuel cell energy systems. New hydrogen production methods could…

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IGX Group successfully demonstrates new hydrogen fuel solution

New fueling system could benefit hydrogen fuel cells The IGX Group, a supplier of high purity industrial gases, has recently performed its first on-site fueling of a fuel cell-powered mobile lighting unit at the San Francisco International Airport. The company has been developing innovative fueling technology that could benefit fuel cells that are meant for various purposes. At the San Francisco International Airport, the IGX Group successfully demonstrated the capabilities of this technology, which was the first step in drawing attention to this new fueling solution. Technology allows lighting solutions…

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Hydrogen fuel cells from Ballard purchased by Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe

Ballard Power - purcahse of hydrogen fuel cells

Tribe purchases hydrogen fuel cell system from Ballard Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has sold a 175 kilowatt ClearGen fuel cell system to the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe of Humboldt County, California. The fuel cell system is meant to be incorporated into a biomass gasification system that will supply the fuel cell with the fuel it needs to produce electrical power. The fuel cell is expected to be an effective solution to the tribe’s energy needs and Ballard suggests that its fuel cells could more…

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Hydrogen fuel cell breakthrough reached in the UK

UK Green Energy Pledge

Engineers make promising improvements to conventional hydrogen fuel cells A team of engineers working on a collaborative project in the United Kingdom, lead by Intelligent Energy, has made a major breakthrough in fuel cell technology. The Enhanced Fuel Cell Systems project, which is designed to break new ground in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, has successfully demonstrated a new fuel cell system that is more powerful, durable, and reliable than conventional models. This system could have a promising future in the world of renewable energy as it could help…

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New FuelCell Energy project focuses on renewable hydrogen fuel production

British Columbia - Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen fuel production targeted as main focus of new project FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has won a contract to demonstrate the capabilities of a new fuel cell energy system in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The fuel cell system will generate electrical power but will receive the hydrogen gas it uses from a nearby landfill. The gas acquired through the landfill will be purified by Quadrogen Power Systems into high quality hydrogen, which will then be used to generate renewable electrical power.…

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Turkey inaugurates first hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen Fuel Station

First hydrogen fuel station in Turkey finds home in Istanbul Turkey has inaugurated its very first hydrogen fueling station. The station is located in Istanbul and has already been used to refuel a Hyundai ix35 and a hydrogen-powered boat deasigned by students from the Yldiz Teknik Universitesi. The station itself is located at Golden Horn, a historic inlet of the Bosphorus strait. The new hydrogen fuel stations is expected to help boost the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure and help serve the needs of consumers that will be driving hydrogen-powered vehicles…

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Hydrogen fuel project coming to the Isle of Wight

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles meet milestone

UK to launch new hydrogen project in the Isle of Wight The United Kingdom is continuing its aggressive pursuit of alternative energy with a new project that will take place in the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight is a county located off the southern coast of England and is the country’s largest island. The UK has adopted an acute focus on alternative energy in order to reduce its environmental impact and bolster its own economy. Hydrogen fuel has become one of the country’s interests in this particular endeavor.…

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Hydrogen fueled air planes make for cleaner skys

The European Aerospace Group (EADs) has announced their partnership with scientists from the Glasgow University in Scotland to collaborate in the production of solid hydrogen that will be use to fuel planes. Research is being focused on developing a solid state storage system for hydrogen. There has been some difficulty is storing hydrogen, which has made its use less attractive as an alternative fuel. Storing hydrogen as a gas requires massive volumes, and there is a significant risk of combustion given less-than-favorable circumstances. Liquid hydrogen is viable for storage, but…

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