Teesside takes another step forward in becoming a UK hydrogen “powerhouse”

UK Hydrogen in Teesside -Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough - Teesside - England

Teesside makes a bid for hydrogen super fleet. The UK hydrogen industry has received more support in Teesside. The conurbation in the north east of England has made a £220,000 ($282,200) bid in support of a major “super-fuel” vehicle fleet plan that could see cars, buses, trains and bin lorries powered by hydrogen fuel in the region, reported Teesside Live. Bringing the plan to fruition could create 1,000 jobs. The hydrogen fuel vehicle (HFV) fleet is part of a broader campaign to make Teesside a UK hydrogen “powerhouse”. The recent…

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Alstom unveils new train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

Railway industry continues to focus on clean technology in order to power trains The railroad industry is already very familiar with electric transportation. Trains throughout the world are powered by batteries, as well as conventional energy solutions, but soon these trains could be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Fuel cells have begun to establish a strong presence in the public transportation space. These energy systems have garnered acclaim because of their high efficiency and their performance capabilities. New train to enter service in Germany at the end of 2017 Alstom,…

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