Nikola is gaining momentum with hydrogen trucks

Hydrogen Trucks - Image of Tractor Trailer

Automaker plans to build a new $1 billion manufacturing facility in Arizona Nikola Motor Company, a developer of clean trucks, has announced plans to build a new 500-acre manufacturing facility in Arizona. The new facility will cost approximately $1 billion to develop and is meant to boost the company’s development of hydrogen-powered trucks. Nikola is well on its way to commercializing large hydrogen trucks equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The company plans to begin construction on its new manufacturing facility by the end of 2019. Arizona chosen for its promising…

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Role of hydrogen-powered vehicles subject of new study

ClearEdge Power aquires UTC Power

RMIT researchers aim to examine the role that hydrogen fuel cells play in transportation Though hydrogen fuel has become a primary focus of the global auto industry, the role that hydrogen-powered vehicles will play in the future has been subject to debate. Because hydrogen-powered vehicles are still in an early stage of their existence, it is impossible to say for certain that they will be a prominent part of transportation in the future. Though automakers are keen to highlight the benefits of hydrogen fuel, they have been unable to generate…

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