Former Tesla co-founder believes hydrogen fuel cells are nothing more than a scam

Battle between batteries and fuel cells is heating up With clean transportation gaining momentum, the tension surrounding batteries and hydrogen fuel cells is beginning to increase. Many automakers have begun to show support for fuel cells, but others, including Tesla Motors, believe that batteries are the best solution for the clean transportation space. Tesla, in particular, has been rather outspoken concerning its support of battery technology and its lack of faith in hydrogen fuel cells. Even former members of the company believe that fuel cells may be nothing more than…

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EasyJet to begin testing hydrogen fuel cells

Airline aims to become environmentally friendly through use of hydrogen fuel cells EasyJet, a low-cost British airline, has announced plans to begin testing hydrogen fuel cells in an effort to become more environmentally friendly. The airline plans to begin testing later this year and expects that the fuel cells will allow its planes to taxi to and from runways without using any conventional fuels. In using fuel cells, the company believes that it will be able to save 50,000 tons of conventional fuel every year while also reducing the harmful…

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Hydrogenics to deliver hydrogen fuel cells to Alstom Transport

Hydrogenics and Alstom Transport sign 10 year agreement Hydrogenics, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen production technologies, has announced that it has signed an exclusive supply agreement with Alstom Transport, a leading transportation organization based in Europe. Per the agreement, Hydrogenics will provide Alstom with hydrogen fuel cells, which will be used to power new transportation solutions that are to go into service in France and elsewhere. These fuel cells will be delivered in near future and Hydrogenics will provide 10 years worth of maintenance and services for…

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Grant program for electric vehicles extended in British Columbia

British Columbia Supports Electric Vehicles

Province aims to continue support of electric vehicles The Canadian province of British Columbia has become a strong supporter of clean transportation in recent years. The province has set up for itself ambitious emissions reduction goals that it plans to meet without trouble. Clean transportation is to play a significant role in this endeavor, as conventional vehicles contribute heavily to the emissions problem that the province has targeted. The province currently offers a financial incentive to encourage residents to purchase electric vehicles, such as those equipped with hydrogen fuel cells.…

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Hydrogen-powered vehicles to be a $1.8 billion market in 2030

Hydrogen fuel vehicles

Hydrogen-powered vehicles to pick up steam in the coming years Hydrogen-powered vehicles have become all the rage in the auto industry lately. While these vehicles have yet to win the adoration of consumers, they have certainly established a strong foothold with automakers. Indeed, most of the world’s major auto manufacturing companies are developing hydrogen-powered vehicles, many with plans to commercialize these vehicle in 2014. Though most consumers have yet to hop on the bandwagon of hydrogen transportation, Lux Research believes that the market for hydrogen-powered vehicles will be massive in…

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Electric vehicles expected to find new success in 2013

Hydrogen Fuel Transportation UK

Electric vehicles in the UK to gain popularity Electric vehicles are gaining more traction as the auto industry begins to throw more focus behind the idea of clean transportation. 2012 saw the release of new models that proved to be much more efficient than conventional vehicles and older electric vehicles. The auto industry is likely to introduce more efficient electric vehicles in 2013, backed by breakthroughs in clean technology, such as lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. These breakthroughs are expected to make electric vehicles very popular, especially in the…

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Audi to build new hydrogen and natural gas production facility

audi logo - hydrogen fuel

Audi reveals plans for new fuel production facility in Germany The auto industry has become enthralled with hydrogen fuel. Most of the world’s major automakers, such as Daimler, Toyota, and Hyundai, are currently developing a new generation of vehicles that are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. These companies have plans to commercialize these vehicles beginning in 2013. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are not the only thing the auto industry is interested in, in terms of hydrogen fuel. German automaker Audi has revealed plans for a new hydrogen fuel production facility that is…

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Mercedes-Benz introduces Ener-G-Force

Ener-G-Force Hydrogen Fuel Car Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz shows off new hydrogen-powered SUV concept Mercedes-Benz, one of the pioneers of hydrogen transportation, has introduced a new hydrogen-powered SUV that it hopes will attract more attention to the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells. The automaker has been laboring for over two years to promote the prospect of hydrogen fuel cells with new vehicles and has worked to overcome the common notion that hydrogen fuel is not viable for transportation. With its new hydrogen-powered SUV, Mercedes-Benz may be able to deal a blow against so called conventional wisdom. SUV…

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APFCT sees limited launch for hydrogen scooters

Hydrogen Scooter

APFCT aims to introduce Asian market to hydrogen transportation Hydrogen transportation is growing in popularity around the world. Vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells present both an economic and environmentally friendly way to get around. Indeed, most of the world’s leading automakers, such as Toyota, Honda, and Daimler, are developing hydrogen-powered vehicles for commercialization in 2015, if not sooner. APFCT is one of the companies developing hydrogen-powered vehicles, though these vehicles will not take the form of a typical sedan. Instead, the company has been working on building hydrogen-powered scooters.…

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European Hydrogen Road Tour arrives in the UK

Denmark - Electric Vehicles

European Hydrogen Road Tour puts vehicles on display in Cardiff Hydrogen powered vehicles have been put on display in the United Kingdom’s Cardiff. The vehicles come from Daimler, Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota and are being billed as the cleanest vehicles that will be coming to the market in the near future. Automakers have chosen to display these vehicles as part of the European Hydrogen Road Tour, an initiative that aims to generate hype regarding hydrogen transportation. The road tour began early last month and is approaching the finish line as…

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Toyota embraces hybrid and hydrogen vehicles over EVs

Renewable Energy Business

Toyota sees the future dominated by hydrogen powered vehicles Famed Japanese automaker Toyota is well known for its love of electric vehicles. The company has held a dominating presence in the electric vehicle market for several years and is often considered the most influential company in this sector of the auto industry. Toyota recently revealed some future models of its electric vehicles at the Paris Motor Show. Though these vehicles received a great deal of acclaim, Toyota Motor Europe CEO Didier Leroy announced this week that electric vehicles are not…

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Hydrogen powered taxis reach milestone in London

hydrogen powered taxis

HyTEC shows the viability of hydrogen powered vehicles London’s fleet of hydrogen powered taxis have been operating since early 2011 and they have made significant progress in between then and now. The cabs are provided to London through the Hydrogen Transport for European Cities (HyTEC) projects, which aims to promote hydrogen transportation throughout Europe’s largest cities. The first step of the ambitious project was to deploy hydrogen powered taxis to the United Kingdom. These taxis have recently reached a major milestone, which may go a long way in proving the…

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Vision teams with Balqon to develop Zero-TT

Zero-TT hydrogen powered tractor

Zero-TT born of agreement between vehicle makers Vision Industries, a developer of hydrogen powered vehicles, has announced that it has entered into a joint development agreement with the Balqon Corporation, a developer of heacy-duty and environmentally friendly electric trucks. As per the agreement, Vision and Balqon will work together to develop a new, zero-emission hydrogen-powered terminal tractor called the Zero-TT. The Zero-TT is being designed to appeal to the materials handling space, where it is likely to be used at distribution centers, rail yards, and marine terminals. Hydrogen fuel proves…

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Toyota announces ambitious plans for clean transportation

Toyota EQ

Toyota reveals plans for future vehicles Toyota continues its efforts to make clean transportation a more feasible reality. The company recently embraced hydrogen fuel as part of its future, but has now shied away from its work with other kinds of electric vehicles. This week, Toyota announced plans to introduce 21 new hybrid vehicles to the global market over the next three years. The automaker also has plans to launch a new electric vehicle later this year and a hydrogen powered vehicle by early 2015. New vehicles will be limited…

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Honda to commercialize hydrogen powered vehicles by 2015

hydrogen powered vehicles - Honda FX Clarity

Honda has big plans for hydrogen powered vehicles Honda has been one of the chief supporters of hydrogen transportation for several years. The automaker made headlines when it introduced its FCX Clarity in 2008. Since then, the company has been working on improving its fuel cell technology, hoping to make fuel cells more efficient and fit for use on a large scale. Honda is one of the participants in the European Hydrogen Road Tour, where it is showing off some of its latest work in hydrogen transportation. CEO Takanobu Ito…

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Fuel Cell Powered PM REX Tackles Bertha Benz Challenge in Germany

Proton Motor Building - Fuel Cell Company

Proton Motor shows off capabilities of PM REX truck Proton Motor, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles, has taken its PM REX fuel cell truck to Germany’s Bertha Benz Challenge, where the vehicle received a myriad of acclaim. The challenge is open only to vehicles that make use of alternative energy and is designed to test the performance of these vehicles. Because hydrogen is receiving a great deal of attention for its uses in the various aspects of the transportation business, those investing in the fuel have been…

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