New hydrogen facility opened by Haskel

Hydrogen Facility Open - Open Sign

Testing facility is the largest of its kind in Europe Haskel Europe has opened the largest hydrogen facility in Europe. The new facility is devoted to the testing of components and systems that are used to produce energy through the consumption of hydrogen fuel. Haskel will be able to use the facility to provide it’s customers with real world simulations concerning the use of hydrogen. This will allow the company to develop products that accommodate the needs of customers more effectively. Using fuel cells could help Europe cut emissions The…

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Department of Energy Funds Development of Next-Generation PEM Fuel Cell Cathode Materials at pH Matter

Columbus, Ohio, June 8, 2018 — pH Matter announced today that it has been awarded over $1 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the continued development of its COR-Cat™ high-activity catalyst materials for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. A key to the cost and lifetime of PEM fuel cells is the performance of materials in the cathode, particularly the catalyst layer. pH Matter’s new catalyst material retains activity following lifetime durability demonstrations of 30,000 cycles, and is suitable for use in fuel cell applications…

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CEOG project uses solar power to produce hydrogen

CEOG Project - Solar Panels

New project is the world’s largest solar-to – storage system HDF Energy, a hydrogen company based in France, has launched its new CEOG project. The project aims to become the world’s largest solar energy and storage plant. Instead of batteries, the project will use hydrogen as a form of chemical storage for the electricity it generates. The project will be built in three stages, with the first stage beginning this year as HDF Energy works to find a location for its new initiative. CEOG project will produce 50 GWh of…

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New battery system uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen

Hydrogen Fuel Research - Stanford University

Researchers develop promising prototype battery Researchers from Stanford University have developed a new water-based battery that could be used to store wind and solar energy in an efficient and inexpensive manner. The battery is a prototype manganese-hydrogen system and can currently only generate 20 milliwatts of electrical power. Researchers believe that the battery system can be scaled up, however, making it useful for industrial purposes. Once it has been scaled up, researchers predict that it will be able to charge and recharge 10,000 times. Battery acts as a way to…

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Mobile phone towers double as green energy stations

green energy mobile phone

The fuel cells convert excess electricity from the solar panels and wind turbines into hydrogen that is stored on-site. This way, they cut out fuel used to transport the stored energy to these remote areas. The hydrogen fuel is stored in a tank and delivered to the fuel cells to generate electricity when needed, for instance when there’s not enough wind or solar power.

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Former Chairman of California Air Resources Board John Dunlap Joins HyTech Power’s Board of Directors

Hytech Power

HyTech Power, a hydrogen energy solutions company, today announced that John Dunlap III has joined its board of directors. Dunlap brings extensive experience to HyTech Power as former chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), where he was responsible for developing critical regulatory programs to address complex air quality and public health challenges under Governor Pete Wilson. Currently, Dunlap owns and operates The Dunlap Group, focused on developing and implementing strategies for regulatory advocacy and compliance. Dunlap joins HyTech Power’s board as the company prepares to launch its first…

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HyTech Power Appoints Former Boeing Executive Jerry Allyne As President

Hytech Power News

HyTech Power, a hydrogen energy solutions company, announced that Jerry Allyne has joined its executive team as president. Allyne, former vice president of strategic planning and analysis at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, joins the company as it prepares to launch multiple hydrogen-based technologies designed to address energy efficiency, emissions reduction and engine performance in the automotive, energy and related markets. Allyne comes to HyTech after more than 30 years of service with Boeing, where he most recently led strategic planning and integration, product strategy, market analysis, competitive analysis, biofuels and new-business…

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new technologies

OMB Saleri announces that its 350 bar hydrogen valve ERA has successfully completed the automotive EC79 / 2009 certification process at one of the most prestigious European certification institutes. The OMB division hydrogen proposes three different models of the on-tank-valve ERA according to the application, ranging from the automotive to the off-road vehicles: -On tank valve ERA1 – light duty -On tank valve ERA2 – heavy duty -On tank valve ERA3 – with pressure regulator The certification is completed with a series of add-ons components and accessories such as: -Filling…

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Premiere: Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA at SPI 2017

At SPI 2017 we will organize the first Hydrogen + Fuel Cells (H2+FC) NORTH AMERICA. After 23 years of experience with Europe’s largest trade fair for hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries, it is now the time to move to the USA. SPI 2017 is North America’s biggest solar trade fair, around 700 exhibitors and 20.000 visitors are expected. The Energy Storage International (ESI), the largest energy storage event in North America with more than 115 exhibitors, will be co-located with the SPI 2017 as well. Hydrogen + Fuel Cell exhibitors…

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US Patent approval for Verde hydrogen generation and fuel cell all-in-one system design

Verde LLC has recently been awarded another US patent in regards to the renewable energy industry. The newly approved patent describes its hydrogen generator and fuel cell all-in-one system design. This technology will further revolutionize the utilization of “renewable energy to Hydrogen gas to fuel cell” around the world, since Verde is the first company in the market that successfully commercialized such technology. For further details, please contact VERDE LLC! Contact Information:

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New research may have found a way to develop better biofuel

Researchers have created a new “nano-reactor” that could catalyze hydrogen production. According to a new study published in the scientific journal, Nature Chemistry, researchers have managed to develop a new biomaterial, by hiding a modified enzyme inside a virus, which is capable of efficiently catalyzing the production of hydrogen. Dubbed the “nano-reactor,” the modified enzyme may result in a biofuel production process that is more efficient and profitable. The modified hydrogen-producing enzyme is 150 times more efficient than an enzyme that has been unaltered. Within the capsid, which is the…

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DetecTape Identifies New Leaks in the Hydrogen Industry

DetecTape™, a new low cost visual leak detection tape in the hydrogen industry, is now available. Berlin, Connecticut – January 2016 Midsun Specialty Products, Inc. (MSP), a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty silicone tapes in Berlin, Connecticut announced a partnership today with Boulder, Colorado based Element One, Inc. to bring a new visual leak detection technology to industries and companies that use hydrogen.  The technology is designed for use by inspection and maintenance teams with the intent of expediting the leak identification process in hydrogen fuel cell, generation, storage,…

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Hydrogen fuel cell developer posts third quarter results

Plug Power releases third quarter results, showing strong gains and some losses Plug Power, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has released the results of its third quarter performance. The company, like others in the fuel cell industry, has been fighting to establish a foothold in the commercial market. Over the past year, Plug Power has managed to gain significant momentum in the market and has attracted attention from investors and businesses alike for its innovative fuel cells. Plug Power has seen some successes during the third quarter of this…

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Renewable energy report highlights benefits of solar-generated hydrogen

Solar System - Renewable Energy

Report points to promises in renewable energy sector Amadee + Company, a leading market research firm, has released a new report entitled “Solar Fuels, Artificial Photosynthesis, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and the Future of Clean Energy: Technologies, Markets, Competitors and Opportunities – 2013-2023 Analysis and Forecasts.” The report is meant to highlight the growth potential of several forms of renewable energy. The report suggests that the sun offers more energy in a single hour than is currently used by the entirety of civilization, which makes the sun a powerful tool in…

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Ajusa successfully fuels Hyundai ix35

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle - Hyundai ix35 FCEV

Ajusa helps establish hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Spain Hyundai continues to make waves in the auto industry with its hydrogen-powered Tucson ix35. The South Korean automaker is expected to be the first major manufacturer to release a hydrogen-powered vehicles to the commercial market. While the ix35 is currently poised for a release at the end of this year, there are a few of these vehicles that are being used in a small handful of countries in Europe. Spain is one such country, where the ix35 is being used to test…

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Audi to build new hydrogen and natural gas production facility

audi logo - hydrogen fuel

Audi reveals plans for new fuel production facility in Germany The auto industry has become enthralled with hydrogen fuel. Most of the world’s major automakers, such as Daimler, Toyota, and Hyundai, are currently developing a new generation of vehicles that are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. These companies have plans to commercialize these vehicles beginning in 2013. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are not the only thing the auto industry is interested in, in terms of hydrogen fuel. German automaker Audi has revealed plans for a new hydrogen fuel production facility that is…

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