Hydrogen fuel vehicle industry will boost supply chain job security

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicle Industry More Jobs - Business

Hyundai and Audi have teamed up to work on the tech to produce alternative cars to electric. Hyundai has announced that its partnership with Audi in the hydrogen fuel vehicle industry will help keep jobs safe. The automaker stated that hundreds of thousands of supply chain jobs will be protected when compared to a move toward battery-powered electric cars. Automakers worldwide are working diligently to produce cleaner cars compliant with emissions targets. In its statement, Hyundai urged other manufacturers to move into the hydrogen fuel vehicle industry. They stated that…

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Hyundai and Audi team up for hydrogen car technology

Hydrogen Car Technology - Partnership - Business

The two auto manufacturers will partner to develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai and Audi believe that collaborating will accelerate the development of hydrogen car technology and lower the cost of fuel cell vehicles. This could make hydrogen-powered electric vehicles a feasible alternative to battery-electric vehicles in the not too distant future. The companies will gain access to each other’s intellectual property. Initially, the partnership will allow for the cross-licensing of patents as well as access to parts that are deemed non-competitive. Among these include new parts that have been…

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Hyundai favors fuel cell vehicles over battery electrics

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Image of Hyundai car

Hyundai continues to praise the capabilities of fuel cells South Korean automaker Hyundai has become a leading supporter of hydrogen fuel within the auto industry. The company was among the first to bring a hydrogen-powered SUV to the market and recently released its latest fuel cell car in its native country. Hyundai has invested heavily in fuel cell technology and believes that these energy systems are the future for transportation. Hyundai Canada CEO Don Romano even believes that fuel cell vehicles will overtake their battery-powered counterparts in the near future.…

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Hyundai begins showcasing its new fuel cell vehicle

Fuel Cell Vehicle - Image of Hyundai Car on road

Automaker begins showing of its new fuel cell car South Korean automaker Hyundai has begun showcasing its next fuel cell car. The company plans to launch the new vehicle early next year and has begun showing off the vehicle’s capabilities in order to attract more support. Fuel cell vehicles are nothing new to Hyundai, which was one of the first automakers to launch such cars. Hyundai has been developing new fuel cell technology in order to unlock a new future for clean transportation. New vehicle will be equipped with advanced…

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Hyundai moves ahead with its plans for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Hyundai Steering Wheel

Automaker to unveil its new production fuel cell vehicles in August South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced that it will officially unveil the production model of its new fuel cell vehicle in August of this year. The new vehicle represents Hyundai’s ongoing efforts to produce clean vehicles and establish a presence in the growing clean transportation market. Fuel cell vehicles are still somewhat rare, but Hyundai aims to change this in the coming years by offering new vehicles equipped with fuel cell systems. Fuel cells continue to gain momentum in…

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Hyundai aims to compete with Toyota with latest fuel cell vehicle

Fuel Cell Vehicle - Competition

Fuel cell vehicle will allow Hyundai to establish a strong presence in clean transportation South Korean automaker has announced that it will be launching a new fuel cell vehicle next year. The announcement was made at the Geneva Motor Show and highlights the company’s continued efforts to establish a lead in the clean transportation space. One of Hyundai’s goals is to compete more aggressively with Toyota, which has already launched a modestly successful fuel cell vehicle of its own. Hyundai intends to build a major presence in emerging markets where…

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Kia to launch its first fuel cell vehicle in 2020

fuel cell vehicle - Image of Kia Vehicle

Automaker has plans to bring a new fuel cell vehicle to the market South Korean automaker Kia has announced plans to launch its first fuel cell vehicle by 2020. The new vehicle is part of an overarching initiative from the Hyundai Motor Group, which is working to launch more environmentally friendly cars in the coming years. In 2018, Hyundai will be launching its next generation fuel cell vehicle and Kia is expected to take advantage of the clean transportation momentum that Hyundai has created. Hyundai continues to expand its presence…

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New taxi service in South Korea will be making use of fuel cell vehicles

Fuel cell vehicles will be operating in the city of Ulsan A new hydrogen taxi service has launched in South Korea. Hyundai has brought ten of its ix35 vehicles, all equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, to the coastal city of Ulsan. The new taxi service will be operated by the Ministry of Environment, the Ulsan City Office, and Hyundai itself. The service will make use of the same measurement and fee system that conventional taxi services make use of. Hyundai is expected to expand the reach of the service in…

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Hyundai does not need partnerships to improve fuel cell technology

Hyundai has avoided partnerships thus far Automakers are beginning to show more interest in fuel cell technology, but developing this technology alone can be very costly and difficult. In order to mitigate costs and accelerate advances in fuel cell systems, several companies have partnered together, but Hyundai is one that believes that such partnerships are not ideal given the current climate of the fuel cell sector and the clean transportation market. Hyundai already has considerable experience with hydrogen fuel cells, which may be the reason why it has chosen to…

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New Hyundai fuel cell vehicle to launch in early 2018

Hyundai to release a new fuel cell vehicle that will be more efficient than what it already offers South Korean automaker Hyundai has plans to launch a next generation fuel cell vehicle in early 2018. This will be the second such vehicle coming from the company, having released its first fuel cell vehicle some time ago. Hyundai Vice Chairman Yang Woong-chul believes that the vehicle will ensure that the company will be able to compete with Japanese companies that are also establishing a strong foothold in clean transportation with their…

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Hyundai to develop a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai will be producing an alternative to its ix35 fuel cell vehicle South Korean automaker Hyundai has plans to develop a new fuel cell vehicle, which will serve as a successor to the company’s ix35. The new vehicle will be very similar to the ix35 in that it will also be a hydrogen-powered SUV. Hyundai has said that the new vehicle will feature advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology, which will make it more efficient than the ix35. The automaker has not yet revealed when the vehicle will be released. Hyundai…

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Hyundai to test self-driving cars powered by hydrogen fuel in Nevada

South Korean automaker receives license to test self-driving cars in the US Hyundai has received a testing license in the United States, allowing the automaker to begin experimenting with autonomous vehicles in the country. The license will allow Hyundai to test four self-driving cars, two of which will be powered by hydrogen fuel. The tests will be held in Nevada, with experiments likely to begin in the coming months. Hyundai has become one of the first automakers to receive a license to test autonomous vehicles in the United States. Two…

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Hyundai falls short of its sales predictions for its hydrogen fuel vehicle

Hyundai ix35 struggles to find support among consumers Hyundai has hit some turbulence when it comes to its new fuel cell vehicle, the ix35. The vehicle was first revealed in 2013, with Hyundai planning for a limited release at the end of 2014. Equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, the ix35 produces no harmful emissions and can travel an estimated 350 miles before needed to refuel. Hyundai has been promoting its vehicle somewhat aggressively, but these fuel cell vehicles have failed to find traction with consumers. 273 units of ix35…

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Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel car reaches major milestone

Fuel cell vehicle achieves major accomplishment one full year after its commercial release It has been a full year since Hyundai made its fuel cell vehicles, the Tucson ix35, commercially available and the vehicle has reached a significant milestone. Hyundai took a strong interest in clean transportation years ago, intending to release electric vehicles in the future. While batteries have been the staple of conventional electric vehicles for years, hydrogen fuel cells are quickly beginning to replace these energy systems. Hyundai has focused on using fuel cells to develop a…

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Hyundai to cut price of hydrogen fuel car

Hyundai will be lowering the price of its new fuel cell vehicle by 43% South Korean automaker Hyundai is looking to become more competitive with its new fuel cell vehicle, the ix35, and has announced that will be lowering the price of this vehicle. Hyundai’s decision may be based on the growing demand for affordable fuel cell vehicles, as well as the fact that Toyota has released a relatively inexpensive vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel. Hyundai plans to reduce the cost of the ix35 by 43%, which may help it…

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Hyundai to cut price of hydrogen fuel cell car

Hyundai announces that its fuel cell vehicle will be less expensive South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced that it will be lowering the price of its new fuel cell vehicle in order to compete with other companies that are launching similar vehicles. The company was one of the first to begin commercializing a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, launching its the Tucson ix35 late last year. Over the past several months, Hyundai has been aggressively promoting the potential benefits of hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be…

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