Hyundai plans to launch new electric vehicle next year

Electric Vehicles - Image of Hyundai SUV

New electric vehicle will be an updated model of the Kona South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced plans to release a new electric vehicle next year. The new vehicle will be an electrified version of its subcompact SUV Kona. The automaker also plans to launch a new fuel cell vehicle in order to establish a stronger position in the clean transportation space. Hyundai has invested more heavily in clean vehicles in order to meet the growing demand coming from consumers while also complying with emissions regulations being put into place…

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Hyundai’s Ioniq ranked as the most fuel efficient fuel cell vehicle

New Ioniq wins a major victory in the United States South Korean automaker Hyundai has achieved a major victory with its new electric sedan, called the Ioniq. The company has been promoting its latest fuel cell vehicle for a relatively short period of time, but this vehicle has already garnered significant praise. Much of this praise comes from the United States, where the Ioniq has been dubbed the most efficient electric vehicle every produced. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that the Ioniq is even more efficient than its competitors…

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Hyundai is growing more ambitious in clean transportation

Hyundai plans to develop 26 clean vehicles through 2020 South Korean automaker Hyundai is growing more ambitious on clean transportation. The company has announced that it plans to have at least 26 clean vehicles in its portfolio by 2020.  Included will be six battery electrics and two fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai already has a fuel cell vehicle on offer and was among the first automakers to bring such a vehicle to the commercial market. Clean vehicles have become a priority for Hyundai, as the automaker intends to become more environmentally…

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