Ikea to begin offering solar energy products in the UK

Solar Energy - IKEA Store

Ikea is bringing solar panels to its UK stores Retail giant Ikea has plans to break into the solar energy market. The company has announced that it will begin selling solar panels and energy storage systems at its stores in the United Kingdom. These products will be sold alongside similar solutions provided by Solarcentury, a solar energy company based in the UK. Ikea is the latest in several retailers that have begun to offer solar panels and related services. These retailers are benefitting from the growing demand for clean energy,…

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REC Solar begins production on its new solar panels

Solar Panels - Solar Energy Panel

Company has begun production on its TwinPeak 2 solar panels REC Solar, a company specializing in the manufacture of photovoltaic products, has become the largest solar manufacturer of solar panels in Europe. The company has now begun production on its new TwinPeak 2 solar panels, each of which can produce a maximum of 350 watts of electrical power. The new panels could further bolster the company’s position in the solar energy market, which is expanding at a rapid pace, especially in European countries that are showing a strong interest in…

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Solar energy to bring power to Syrian refugees in Jordan

The Azraq Syrian refugee camp in Jordan will soon be home to a solar farm. Next year, a solar energy farm, made possible by the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign, will change the lives of Syrian refugees living in the Azraq camp, for the better. The desert camp in Northern Jordan, which is currently home to an estimated 28,000 Syrian refugees, and has the capacity for nearly double that amount, does not have electricity, which makes it difficult for children to learn, for residents to collect water, for families to…

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EV charging stations are coming to every IKEA store in Canada

Canadians will soon be able to charge their electric vehicles and shop for furniture at the same time. Thanks to IKEA, the world largest furniture retailer, Canadians may find that charging their electric cars will become a little easier, as the Swedish company announced at the Climate Summit of the Americas, last week, that it plans to install 60-amp EV charging stations at all 12 of its stores in Canada by the end of August, reported CBC News. The charging stations will be free to use. To start, each of…

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IKEA to invest 600 million euros in renewables

Ikea also plans to provide 400 million euros in funding to support disadvantage communities most impacted by climate change. The world’s largest furniture retailer has announced that it intends to spend 1 billion euros ($1.13 billion) on renewables and on an IKEA Foundation funding commitment to help nations in need of support cope with climate change. The announcement coincides with a fundamental meeting in Bonn, where governments are getting ready for the negotiation of a global climate agreement at the COP21 meeting that will take place in Paris this December.…

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IKEA continues progress toward renewable energy goal

IKEA is taking bold steps in regards to renewable energy Businesses around the world are working to embrace renewable energy, partly due to the emissions regulations that have been enacted by many of the world’s governments. Renewable energy can help a business avoid the penalties associated with noncompliance with a country’s emissions standards, but it can also a business cut down on the money it spends on energy in general. Swedish retailer IKEA has become one of the most aggressive pursuant of renewable energy in the retail industry and the…

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Is This The Turning Point For The Solar Power Industry?

Yes, it’s true. While you’re at IKEA, buying your Ektorp armchairs, Billy Bookcases, and Variera plastic bag dispensers, you can also pick up a roof’s worth of solar power panels. The Swedish retail giant and purveyor of flat-boxed merchandise equipped with catchy names, monolithic assembly instructions, and, of course, the requisite Allen keys, have introduced solar panels to their British lineup. And, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief–no assembly is required. What’s on offer? IKEA has officially partnered with Hanergy, the solar energy maven, to bring affordable and…

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IKEA aims to bring solar energy to Massachusetts

IKEA announces new solar energy project Acclaimed furniture maker IKEA has begun wading into the solar energy field. The company has had some interest in clean energy in the past, showing support for various forms of renewable power, especially as its home country, Sweden, begins pushing for higher levels of sustainability. Now, IKEA has plans to install rooftop solar energy systems throughout Massachusetts in order to reduce the state’s consumption of fossil-fuels and benefit from the economic potential of clean power. Solar becomes a strong focus for IKEA in recent…

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Renewable energy becoming popular with multinational companies

Renewable Energy Business

Large companies show support for renewable energy As renewable energy begins gaining significant momentum with governments around the world, interest in clean power among large businesses is beginning to peak. In the past, renewable energy had been entirely related to the concept of environmentalism. This concept has a somewhat controversial history, but has become a mainstream form of advocacy that considers climate change to be a significant danger. This concern is growing among governments, many of whom are embracing renewable energy in an attempt to mitigate or avoid the impact…

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Solar energy industry booming in US

Solar energy and US businesses

SEIA shows solar energy being adopted by largest companies in the country Solar energy is gaining ground in the U.S. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), along with Vote Solar, has unveiled information concerning the country’s top businesses, all of which are adopting solar energy. This information was released during the Solar Power International 2012 event in Florida. SEIA notes that companies are embracing solar energy more readily because of the potentials for significant economic gain as well as the growing need to mitigate impact on the environment. The support…

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Plug Power may be the first to attain profitability in the fuel cell industry

hydrogen fuel cell industry

Profitability continues to be an elusive prospect The fuel cell industry continues to struggle to attain profitability, just as it has done for the past several years. A handful of fuel cell manufacturers have made progress in this endeavor. Plug Power, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells and their associated technologies, is among these companies. Like others, Plug Power has had a strong focus in the materials handling sector, where hydrogen fuel cells are being used to power forklift trucks and other such vehicles. Because of its strict focus and…

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