India seeks to promote solar energy throughout the world

Solar Energy - Global Solar Power

Government leaders flock to India for the International Solar Alliance summit Leaders from 40 countries have come to India to participate in the world’s first official International Solar Alliance summit. The International Solar Alliance is a non-profit, treaty-based organization comprised of some 121 countries. The organization is committed to promoting the use of solar energy throughout the world. The summit is meant to encourage cooperation between countries that have a strong interest in clean power and combating climate change in the coming years. India aims to help other countries embrace…

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Massive solar energy system launched in India

Solar Energy - Solar Panels in Field

Kanataka becomes home to a new large-scale solar farm What may be the world’s largest solar energy farm has been launched in India’s Kanataka. The solar farm is called Shakti Sthala and covers an area of 13,000 acres. The project was developed by the Karnataka Solar Power Development Corp., which is a joint venture from Karnataka Renewable Energy Development and the Solar Energy Corp. of India. The solar farm represents a milestone in participation among several villages, with farmers leasing their land so that solar panels can be installed. Farmers…

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Solar energy continues to find success in India

Solar Energy - Sunset Behind Taj Mahal, India

39% of new energy capacity in India came from solar Solar energy accounted for the largest growth in new energy generation capacity in India this year. The country has been aggressively investing in the development of new solar farms, hoping to replace older forms of power with clean energy. Solar capacity has, therefore, been growing quickly. Several new solar farms have begun operation in recent months, adding momentum to India’s energy revolution. India now has 14.7 GW of installed solar energy capacity According to data from the Mercom Capital Group,…

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Solar energy is suffering in India due to air pollution

Solar Energy - Air Pollution Problems

Research shows that air pollution is having an impact on solar power Rampant air pollution is beginning to have an impact on India’s ability to generate electricity from its solar energy systems. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology have found that a significant portion of solar power is going to waste due to air pollution. The problem is so bad that billions in investments are being undermined. The researchers found that air pollution is reducing solar energy generate by more than 25%. Some 3,900 MW of energy is being…

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India installs more solar energy capacity in first half of 2017 than it did in all of 2016

India at Sunset - Solar Energy

Solar energy continues to experience dramatic growth India’s solar energy capacity is growing more quickly than expected. During the first half of this year, the country installed some 4,765 megawatts of new solar capacity. By comparison, approximately 4,313 megawatts of solar capacity was installed throughout the whole of 2016. The country has begun investing aggressively in solar energy in order to combat climate change and take advantage of emerging economic opportunities. This has led to a significant increase in India’s solar capacity. Large-scale projects account for majority of newly installed…

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India is beginning to move away from coal in favor of solar energy

India Solar Energy - Flag of India

Coal developers are struggling to adapt to the falling cost of solar energy Several of India’s coal developers are beginning to question the future of fossil-fuels in the country as the cost of solar energy continues to plummet. As costs continue to fall solar power is gaining more popularity and support. This is opening up new economic opportunities that those focused specifically on fossil-fuels may not be able to take advantage of. With solar energy now the least expensive form of power in the country, coal developers are beginning to…

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Cost of solar energy is now lower than coal in India

Solar Energy - Solar Panel Near Water

Price of solar energy continues to fall in India The cost of solar energy in India has hit a record low. This form of power is now less expensive than electricity generated from fossil-fuels. Currently, the cost of solar energy is 18% lower than the electricity produced through the use of coal-fired plants. India has established itself as a very attractive market for solar energy, which has attracted numerous developers to the country. The swell of new solar projects has helped lower the cost of solar-generated electricity throughout the country.…

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India set to launch a new online solar energy training program

Solar Energy - India Sunset

New program aims to help train individuals to be solar technicians Solar energy is growing quickly in India and the government has plans to ensure that the sector has as much support as it needs to thrive. The government has announced that it will be launching a new online training program designed to help people become professional solar technicians. The Solar Energy Corporation of India has been tapped to implement this online program. Those with an Internet connection can enroll in online courses for just $8.79. Those completing the online…

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NTPC aims to break into India’s growing wind energy market

India Clean Energy Goal

Country’s largest energy producer seeks to build a new wind project India’s largest energy company, NTPC Limited, is preparing to enter into the wind energy market. Wind power has become one of the fastest renewable energy sectors in the country, presenting companies with new opportunities as India seeks to become more environmentally friendly. NTPC has announced plans to build its first wind energy project, following months of breaking into the quickly growing solar sector. The company hopes to find similar success in the wind energy market that it has seen…

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India’s solar energy industry is emerging as a world leader

India continues to support the growth of its thriving solar energy industry With 2016 coming to a close, India has emerged as a prominent player in the solar energy industry. The country has shown strong support for solar power over the past year, with government incentives encouraging developers to bring their projects to India. Currently, India currently has 10 gigawatts of installed solar capacity, which is a thousand-fold increase over the capacity that was available in the country in 2010, when India launched the National Solar Mission. Installed solar capacity…

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India continues to reach new milestones with its solar energy market

Solar energy market in India makes more progress thanks to new solar farm In India, plans to build the world’s largest solar energy system are underway. The new solar farm is being built in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, and will have a maximum capacity of 648 megawatts. The solar farm will cover 10 square kilometers, making it one of the largest solar projects to be built. By comparison, the currently largest solar energy system is the Topaz Solar Farm, which was built in California with a maximum capacity of 550 megawatts.…

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Scientists develop promising new solar energy device

New solar device could be the future of urban power Indian scientists have developed a new solar device that is capable of generating electricity. The team from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) calls the new device a “solar tree.” This device is claimed to be more efficient at generating electricity than conventional solar energy systems. The new device is comprised of several metal “branches,” which are connected to a large central pole. The branches are affixed with solar panels and these panels can be moved to face…

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CSIR scientists develop new solar tree

Solar tree will help save space but not sacrifice anything in terms of energy production A group of scientists from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in India have developed a new solar energy system that will help save space on expansive photovoltaic fields. Solar power has become quite popular in India, but solar farms require a great deal of space in order to be considered viable. Small solar farms do not typically produce enough electricity to be considered valuable die to the limited space they have access…

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Solar energy market continues unprecedented growth in India

India has become a very attractive market for solar power India’s solar energy sector is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. This is largely due to falling tariffs, more efficient and inexpensive technology, and the growing demand to abandon fossil-fuels and become more environmentally friendly. Notably, China has played a major role in helping the country’s solar energy market grow. Chinese manufacturers have made photovoltaic technology much more accessible by making low cost products. Country aims to add 5.4 GW of solar power to its energy capacity by the…

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World Bank to invest in India’s solar energy market

World Bank Group seeks to support India’s growing solar power sector The World Bank Group has announced plans to aid India’s solar energy market. India has become a strong supporter of solar power in recent years and is becoming a very attractive market for energy developers. The World Bank Group hopes to bolster further growth of the solar market in order to help India become more environmentally friendly and ensure consumers have access to the energy that they need. India believes that solar power is of vital importance to the…

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India aims to restrict imports on low quality solar energy products

Import restrictions could affect trade with China and other countries India has announced plans to restrict the import of poor quality photovoltaic products, which may have an impact on trade with China and other countries. According to Tarun Kapoor, Join Secretary for New and Renewable Energy with the Energy and Resources Institute, the country is looking to impose quality standards on all imports. Currently, government officials are working on the legal aspects of such a move in order to effectively restrict the import of what can be considered “inferior” products.…

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