Nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations to be operational globally by 2032

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Image of man pumping fuel

Report shows that efforts to build new hydrogen fuel stations are gaining momentum Information Trends has released a new report that predicts that there will be nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations in operation throughout the world by 2032. Many automakers have plans to begin ramping up the production of fuel cell vehicles in the coming years and these vehicles will need the support of a comprehensive infrastructure in order to find support. Currently, very few hydrogen fuel stations are available to the public, which has limited the clean transportation plans…

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Report predicts more than 20 million fuel cell vehicles to be available by 2032

Report highlights the growing promise of the fuel cell market A new report from Information Trends predicts that fuel cell vehicles will be much more plentiful in the relatively near future. Hydrogen fuel cells are quickly becoming more important for the auto industry, with several major companies investing in this technology to power a new generation of vehicles. One of the reasons automakers are doing this is to comply with new emissions regulations being embraced by large countries. Because these countries are prominent markets for vehicles, automakers are keen to…

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