Partnerships could help Hyundai create new clean vehicles

clean vehicles partnership - Handshakes

Hyundai will continue working with Intel and Nvidia South Korean automaker Hyundai has confirmed that its partnership with both Intel and Nvidia is ongoing. Hyundai vice chairman Chung Eui-sun confirmed the collaboration in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the Consumer Electronics Show will be taking place. The partnerships may highlight Hyundai’s future plans concerning clean vehicles, especially where autonomous cars are concerned. The automaker has been investing in autonomous technology for some time, hoping to eventually develop driverless clean vehicles. Intel and Nvidia have significant experience with autonomous technology Nvidia has…

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Energy saving technology available in a wearable bracelet

Wristify helps to cool or warm the temperature of the wearer. Embr Labs was recently announced as one of Intel’s “Make it Wearable” challenge finalists, for its product called Wristify, a heating and cooling wearable device worn on the wrist that utilizes energy saving technology to help measure and control a person’s body temperature. The concept behind the wearable technology is pretty basic. Essentially, the device features technology that gives off cool or warm impulses to slightly lower or raise a person’s body temperature. The creators of the bracelet claim…

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