Solar energy is making progress in Australia

Report highlights the growing role that solar power is playing in the Australian energy mix The International Energy Agency has released its annual Photovoltaic Systems Program report, highlighting the growth of residential solar energy systems. The report shows that Australia is finding significant success in terms of solar power adoption, especially in the residential sector. This success was mostly seen over the past year. This year, the Australian government has been pulling back on its support of solar power, focusing more heavily on other forms of energy and distancing itself…

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Renewable energy may help the world avoid a costly problem

Cost of meeting the world’s energy needs will reach new heights by 2035 Accommodating the world’s energy needs is expected to become a very expensive problem, according to a special report from the International Energy Agency. Energy costs are growing more expensive at a rapid pace and energy consumption is also on the rise. Despite countries taking steps to embrace energy efficiency and cut down on their use of fossil-fuels, the cost of electricity continues to grow and this cost may become unmanageable by some countries in the future. More…

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Five New Green Travel Innovations

Green energy is currently one of the world’s fastest growing industries… and according to the International Energy Agency, it will soon replace natural gas as the second leading power source by the year 2016. Renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric power, make up the most rapidly developing sectors of the electricity generation industry. In fact, it’s been estimated that its prevalence will jump by a staggering 40 percent in the five years to come. In the United States alone, green energy was used to generate 12 percent of the country’s electricity,…

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G20 countries take a step toward renewable energy and sustainability

Renewable energy may win out with agreement to cut fossil-fuel subsidies In early September, G20 leaders met in Russia for the 2013 Leaders’ Summit. During the event, heads of state from around the world come together to discuss global issues, such as the dismantling of nuclear weaponry and other subjects that could have global implications. Typically, political leaders are divided on the issues that are discussed at the gathering and little progress toward resolving global problems is made. This year, however, all G20 leaders have agreed to begin phasing out…

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Renewable energy slated for major growth around the world

Renewable energy growth

Renewable energy may soon surpass natural gas and nuclear power The International Energy Agency has released a new report concerning the world’s transition away from fossil-fuels toward renewable energy. The report offers a prediction regarding natural gas and nuclear power and when these two forms of power will be replaced by renewable energy systems. Natural gas is often considered the bridge leading from fossil-fuels to renewable energy, but the growing popularity of renewables is beginning to outpace the interest that many parties have in natural gas. Renewables may soon exceed…

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Germany continues to struggle with renewable energy

Germany Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure Plans

Renewable energy finds traction in Germany Germany has become an active hub for renewable energy, especially when it comes to the matter of solar power. The country’s interest in renewable energy is largely backed by a growing need to break away from nuclear energy. Germany has been working to move away from nuclear energy for several years, but its efforts did not find traction until the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, which is one of the worst nuclear disasters the world has seen thus far. Clean power faces challenges throughout…

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IEA launches ambitious plan for electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Support

Electric vehicles becoming a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change The attention surrounding electric vehicles has been swelling as they begin to be considered a strong weapon against the potential effects of climate change. Transportation is considered one of the most significant contributors to climate change due to the massive amount of emissions that are produced by travel, commercial and otherwise. In order for electric vehicles to have a significant impact on climate change, the number of these vehicles on the world’s roadways must increase by 7 million…

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Wind energy use to spike by 2017 according to IEA report

Report - Renewable Energy Supported by Country

IEA issues new predictions concerning wind energy and renewable power The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its latest predictions concerning wind energy. The organization notes that wind energy systems are beginning to show that they have major appeal with the world’s governments. Part of this appeal lies in the realm of economics. Wind energy, as well as other alternative energy systems, has long been associated with environmental issues. Now, governments are beginning to consider alternative energy systems for the impact they may have on the economy and how, in…

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International Energy Agency calls for action to avert climate change

Alternative Energy News

Despite controversy, climate change becoming a serious issue Climate change continues to grab attention as a number of conferences that will bring together world leaders grow closer. The more attention that is drawn to the subject, the more controversy it creates. Those opposing the concept of climate change are quick to denounce its supporters as “alarmists” because of their focus on the potential disastrous implications of the phenomenon. Though the concept is widely disputed, more governments and organizations are beginning to take it seriously, with many believing that work must…

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Hope for the U.S. hydrogen car industry

Hydrogen fuel vehicles

More members of Congress are championing the cause for alternative fuels. There have been several proposals in the last few weeks urging the federal government to renew its support for hydrogen fuel. Many of these proposals seek merely to increase the funding of research and development programs. A new bill has entered the House of Representatives that could change the face of transportation in the country. The bill, called the Open Fuel Standard Act, targets the auto industry specifically. Beginning in 2014, no less than 50% of new vehicles will…

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