Israel builds its first wind energy system in 30 years

New wind farms have been developed in Israel by Afcon Holdings A new wind energy system is being built in Israel, which is the first wind farm to be developed in the country in 30 years. Afcon Holdings has begun construction of the wind farm, which is split into two different projects that host 25 wind turbines each. The first project will be located in Ramat Sirin, with the other being built in Ma’ale Gilboa. The wind farms will help provide Israel with the electrical power it needs in an…

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New solar energy project in Israel receives financial backing

European Investment Bank issues loan to ambitious solar power project in Israel Israel has plans to generate at least 10% of all of its electrical power from renewable sources by 2020. In order to accomplish this feat, the country has begun focusing on solar energy. Several solar projects have come to Israel in order to take advantage of the policies that are designed to support the development of solar power systems and investments in Israel’s solar sector are beginning to increase. The European Investment Bank is one of the latest…

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Solar energy to help power Israeli Parliament

The Knesset will receive a new solar energy system in 2014 The Israeli Parliament is set to install new solar energy systems on the rooftop of its legislative building, called the Knesset. The legislative building will be one of the first parliaments in the world to generate its own electricity through the use of solar energy systems. This project is expected to begin in 2014 and the photovoltaic modules installed at the Knesset will begin generating power the same year. The initiative is linked to Israel’s overarching interests in renewable…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may power future submarines

Hydrogen fuel cells to power submarines

New analysis links hydrogen fuel cells to submarines Fuel Cell Today has published a new analysis concerning the use of hydrogen fuel cells on submarines. Around the world, military organizations are facing major challenges in terms of energy and many have been feeling pressure to break away from fossil-fuels. While this can be a somewhat simple issue for some militaries, it becomes exceedingly complicated when submarines get involved. Though submarines do not operate on fossil-fuels, their current energy options are quickly become somewhat obsolete, which could be paving the way…

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Tensions with the Middle East spark a bright future for alternative energy

Gas Prices

Alternative energy is getting more attention from the U.S. government now than it ever has in the past. While some believe that this newfound interest in sustainable energy is spurred by belief in climate change, the reality of the matter may be that the country is looking to protect itself in the event of military conflict in the Middle East. Tensions between Iran and Israel are mounting and while neither side has openly attacked the other, threats abound. The U.S. is also in the throes of potential conflict with Iran…

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