Kia intends to launch a new fuel cell vehicle in 2021

Fuel Cell Vehicle - KIA Car

Kia has confirmed plans to develop a new fuel cell vehicle, ready for release at some point in 2021 South Korean automaker Kia Motors has confirmed that it is working on developing a new vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The automaker has expressed interest fuel cells in the past, but has been slow to announce definitive plans to use this technology to power a new generation of cars. Now, however, Kia believes that fuel cells have reached a point where they can be very valuable transportation tools. The…

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Kia sets its sights on fuel cell vehicles

Kia will be focusing more heavily on fuel cells rather than batteries South Korean automaker Kia Motors is setting its sights on hydrogen fuel cells for the future. Many major companies have opted to focus on fuel cells for new vehicles, but very few are focusing on this technology exclusively. Kia, however, believes that fuel cells hold more promise than conventional batteries, which have long been used to power clean vehicles. Like its sister company Hyundai, Kia believes that hydrogen fuel cells have a very promising future in the clean…

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Kia Motors to bring a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to the market by 2020

Kia is developing a new hydrogen fuel cell stack to power clean vehicles Kia Motors recently announced ambitious plans to become a leader in clean transportation and has revealed plans to develop a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The automaker believes that the vehicle will be ready for mass production in 2020 and it has formed partnerships with some 300 companies to develop a new hydrogen fuel cell stack that will power the vehicle. Initial production will stand at 1,000 units a year, with Kia ramping up production as demand…

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