Kia to launch its first fuel cell vehicle in 2020

fuel cell vehicle - Image of Kia Vehicle

Automaker has plans to bring a new fuel cell vehicle to the market South Korean automaker Kia has announced plans to launch its first fuel cell vehicle by 2020. The new vehicle is part of an overarching initiative from the Hyundai Motor Group, which is working to launch more environmentally friendly cars in the coming years. In 2018, Hyundai will be launching its next generation fuel cell vehicle and Kia is expected to take advantage of the clean transportation momentum that Hyundai has created. Hyundai continues to expand its presence…

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Kia intends to launch a new fuel cell vehicle in 2021

Fuel Cell Vehicle - KIA Car

Kia has confirmed plans to develop a new fuel cell vehicle, ready for release at some point in 2021 South Korean automaker Kia Motors has confirmed that it is working on developing a new vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The automaker has expressed interest fuel cells in the past, but has been slow to announce definitive plans to use this technology to power a new generation of cars. Now, however, Kia believes that fuel cells have reached a point where they can be very valuable transportation tools. The…

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Kia encourages UK to invest more in hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Automaker calls on government to raise investments for hydrogen infrastructure Automaker Kia is calling on the United Kingdom government to invest more heavily in developing a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The UK has hopes of establishing itself as a leading clean transportation market. The country is already home to many electric vehicles and has a strong infrastructure capable of supporting these cars. As fuel cells become more popular in the auto industry, however, the UK will need more hydrogen stations in order to ensure its position in the clean transportation space.…

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Kia sets its sights on fuel cell vehicles

Kia will be focusing more heavily on fuel cells rather than batteries South Korean automaker Kia Motors is setting its sights on hydrogen fuel cells for the future. Many major companies have opted to focus on fuel cells for new vehicles, but very few are focusing on this technology exclusively. Kia, however, believes that fuel cells hold more promise than conventional batteries, which have long been used to power clean vehicles. Like its sister company Hyundai, Kia believes that hydrogen fuel cells have a very promising future in the clean…

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Kia Australia shows favor for hydrogen fuel cells

Kia Australia believes that fuel cells could be the future of clean transportation Kia Australia may have plans to pursue hydrogen fuel cell technology in the coming years. General Manager Damien Meredith has shown strong support for fuel cell technology, noting that parent company Hyundai has found success in using these energy systems to power a new generation of clean vehicles. Hyundai brought its first fuel cell vehicle to the market some time ago and has seen interest in fuel cells grow over the past several months, especially as drivers…

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South Korea reveals plans to support clean transportation

Clean transportation is gaining more support from the South Korean government South Korea has revealed a new five-year plan that aims to dramatically increase the number of clean vehicles on the roads. The government intends to ensure that more electric vehicles and hybrids are made available to consumers throughout the country. The plan comes as a response to the growing scrutiny being placed on the auto industry, which is beginning to feel pressure to comply with increasingly strict emissions regulations that are being adopted by many of the world’s governments.…

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Hydrogen fuel may be the future of transportation, according to Kia

Kia believes that hydrogen fuel cells will revolutionize the transportation space South Korean automaker Kia has high hopes for hydrogen fuel cells. These energy systems generate electrical power without also producing harmful emissions, and they have become very important tools for the auto industry. Doctor Sae Hoon Kim, head of environmental research and development for both Kia and Hyundai, has become a very vocal supporter of fuel cells, believing that they will play a major role in revolutionizing the transportation space. Auto industry continues to show strong support for hydrogen…

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Kia wants to become a clean transportation leader

Kia has revealed major plans to become a leader in the clean transportation space South Korean automaker Kia has unveiled plans to become a leading power in the clean transportation space. Within five years, the automaker plans to have launched 11 clean vehicles, which will all be vastly different from one another. Some of the vehicles will be quite small and built primarily for performance, while others will be large SUVs meant to transport a large number of people. Kia is owned by Hyundai, which has already established a major…

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Hyundai unveils its new electric vehicle

Hyundai has revealed its latest electric vehicle Hyundai has revealed its first battery-powered vehicle, which is a plug-in hybrid version of its Sonata model. The South Korean automaker has plans to release the new vehicle this year in California and nine other states that require companies to sell clean vehicles. Hyundai has had a strong interest in clean transportation for some time, but had focused the majority of its attention of hydrogen fuel cells. Now, the automaker is breaking into the battery electric market. New vehicle will be equipped with…

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Hyundai Motor Group takes a bold step on clean transportation

Hyundai Motor Group announces plans to increase production of clean vehicles over the next six years The Hyundai Motor Group has become more aggressive on clean transportation. Last week, the organization’s chairman, Chung Mong-Koo, had tasked its subsidiary automakers, Hyundai and Kia, to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles by 25% by 2020. Both Hyundai and Kia have announced plans to expand their current offering of highly-efficient vehicles from seven to more than 22 over the next six years. These companies will be focusing on developing vehicles that use…

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Kia to begin producing hydrogen fuel vehicles in 2015

Kia shows interest in hydrogen fuel South Korean automaker Kia has announced plans to release its hydrogen-powered vehicle in 2015. These plans are similar to those coming from other automakers from around the world, but Kia plans to only release approximately 1,000 units for the initial production cycle. This is due to the lack of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in prominent markets. Without an adequate infrastructure, hydrogen-powered vehicles are not expected to find any significant success with consumers in prominent markets. Auto industry continues to invest in infrastructure Automakers…

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Hydrogen powered cars abundant by 2015

Hydrogen powered cars 2015

Consumers will be seeing hydrogen powered cars soon In just a few years, car manufacturers like Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda are set to make cars run on hydrogen fuel cells, otherwise known as FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle), commonplace in the automotive industry. Moving to the mainstream The Asian Pacific region has been long pushing for and developing cars run on fuel cells powered by hydrogen. Despite heavy investments and the popularity of the idea with the public, car manufacturers have yet to successfully commercialize hydrogen-fueled vehicles. There are some…

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Hyundai gains more momentum for hydrogen transportation

Hyundai hydrogen fuel

Hyundai becoming more popular in Europe South Korean automaker Hyundai has ambitious plans for hydrogen transportation, which seem to include being the first in its industry to commercialize a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The company has been promoting its hydrogen-powered SUV, the Tucson ix35. The vehicle has been spotted all over the world, but nowhere has it received as much favor as it has seen in Europe. Indeed, Hyundai has become a very popular company in the European market because of its hydrogen-powered vehicle, a fact that may translate into significant success…

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Kia shows more support for hydrogen powered cars

Hydrogen fuel powered cars by Kia

Kia to produce hydrogen-powered cars South Korean automaker Kia has become the latest company in the auto industry to embrace hydrogen fuel. The automaker has released a statement detailing its commitment to clean transportation. In the statement, the automaker reveals that it has been working on developing a wide range of alternative energy powertrains for its future vehicles, with a strong focus on hydrogen fuel cells. Kia will also be working to develop hybrid and electric cars that will be released in the future. Automaker has history with electric powertrains…

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Hyundai abandons batteries to focus efforts on incorporating hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle - Hyundai ix35 FCEV

Hyundai has long been an advocate for alternative energy. Until recently, that advocacy has been centered on lithium-ion batteries. Like many in the auto industry, Hyundai had invested heavily into battery power, believing that it would be the future of electric vehicles. Now, however, the Korean car manufacturer has all but abandoned its support of lithium-ion batteries in favor of hydrogen fuel. Hyundai’s transition toward hydrogen may signal that, when it comes to pure-electric cars, the battery is no longer a viable option. The auto industry has been making a…

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