Hydrogen fuel delivery service is coming to Japan

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Box Delivery

Hitachi and Marubeni are launching a new delivery project Residents of Japan will soon be able to have hydrogen delivered directly to their homes. Hitachi Ltd. and Marubeni Corp. have entered into a new partnership to launch an ambitious new project. The project aims to tap into the growing demand for hydrogen fuel. Some of this demand is coming from homeowners, many of whom have come to rely on fuel cell systems. These systems generate electricity that they need, but they also generate thermal power that can be used to…

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Model project in Japan will use surplus energy to produce hydrogen fuel

Ministry of the Environment launches new project to use excess renewable energy and produce hydrogen The Japanese government has launched a new model project highlighting the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Japan is expected to become a prominent market for fuel cell vehicles that will be launched over the next few years. In order for the country to solidify its place as a leading market, however, it must have a working hydrogen infrastructure in place. This infrastructure is needed to support fuel cell vehicles, which use hydrogen as a power source…

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