MIT researchers develop new battery system that can store and release heat

MIT Research - Battery System

New battery system can provide thermal energy when it is needed most A research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced the development of a new battery system that can store solar energy and release heat when it is needed. Researchers believe that the new system could be used to provide electricity for communities in developing parts of the world. In cities, the system could also be used to limit the amount of electricity that is consumed by residents, particularly during colder seasons. System can collect energy…

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Recycling technology produces new solar cells from old batteries

Researchers at MIT have found a new method for creating solar cells. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have discovered a recycling technology that will allow them to produce perovskite solar cells by using the lead in old lead-acid batteries. Lead is one of the common elements required to make perovskite cells. This type of solar cell is a new technology and a cheaper one because it requires elements that are more common compared to conventional silicon cells. Creating perovskite cells requires lower temperatures and is a far simpler process.…

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MIT Engineers unveil PLoS ONE — new fuel cell powered by sugar

Glucose Chain Model

New fuel cell could be the future of implanted medical devices Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new kind of fuel cell that runs on a certain type of sugar: Glucose. Glucose is the sugar that is used to power cells in the human body. MIT believes that this new fuel cell could be used for a variety of implanted medical devices, providing these devices with the electrical power they need to operate. The fuel cell is considered one of the smallest fuel cell energy systems…

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MIT researchers develop efficient carbon capture catalyst using copper


The latest in alternative energy news… Copper is getting more attention in the realm of alternative energy news for more than its use as a conductive metal. The metal is widely used all over the world, but few understand that it has properties that could help the environmental by consuming carbon dioxide. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been working with the metal to convert carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon fuel. MIT researchers are not the first to experiment with copper for this purpose, but they may be among…

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MIT study indicates that the U.S. can store a century of carbon dioxide emission in underground aquifers

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Hydrogen Fuel Research

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have released a new study that suggests the U.S. can store a massive quantity of its CO2 emissions in underground saline aquifers. Carbon capture and storage is a technological pursuit which attempts to prevent the release of harmful emissions generated by fossil-fuel power plants. This method has been gaining popularity in the realms of alternative energy and environmentalism due to its implications in mitigating or halting the progress of climate change. According to the study, the U.S. has the…

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MIT researchers develop new catalyst that is far more powerful than contemporary models.

Hydrogen fuel research

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered a new highly efficient catalyst that can split oxygen atoms from water molecules, leaving hydrogen behind. The catalyst, which is made up of cobalt, iron and oxygen, is being called the most effective catalyst ever discovered by MIT researchers. It can be used in hydrogen fuel cells and can also be used to make hydrogen storage more efficient. Researchers will begin testing the catalyst excessively in the coming months. The catalyst may mark the beginning of a new era for alternative…

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