China announced new trade plan to support renewable energy

Renewable Energy Trade Plan

Trade plan aims to boost small and medium-sized clean power projects China’s National Energy Administration has announced that small and medium-sized renewable energy producers will now be able to sell their electricity directly to buyers. The direct sale of this electricity will mostly be seen in regions where energy demand is high and comprehensive transmission capacity exists. This is part of China’s overarching plan to have renewable energy play a much larger role in its future. The country is working to eventually phase out the use of fossil-fuels in order…

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Clean power is facing a major curtailment problem in China

Clean power - Shanghai China Smog

Renewable energy is going to waste due to infrastructure issues China, the world’s largest energy market, is facing a major challenge when it comes to holding on to its clean power generation. Much of the country’s renewable energy supply is currently subject to double-digit rates of curtailment. This curtailment has been going on for quite some time, leaving many of China’s clean power systems seeing little use. It has also highlighted longstanding problems with the country’s aging energy infrastructure. Clean power is struggling in the northern provinces Curtailment is affecting…

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China has become the world leader in solar energy production

Solar Energy - Chinese Flag

China reaches new milestone in its solar energy adventure China has claimed the title as the world’s leading producer of solar energy. The country’s National Energy Administration has announced that China doubled its photovoltaic capacity last year. By the end of 2016, the country had more than 77 gigawatts of solar capacity in operation. The National Energy Administration claims that China is now the official leader of the global solar energy sector, beating out other countries that have invested heavily in this form of clean power. Several provinces show leadership in…

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China could become the global renewable energy leader

Renewable Energy - China

China is set to outpace the US in the renewable energy market China is prepared to take a leading role in the global renewable energy space. In 2016, China made significant progress in its clean power initiatives, increasing foreign investments in the renewable energy space by 60%, reaching a record $32 billion. China introduced a new strategy, dubbed “Going Global,” through which it has demonstrated its regional strength in helping modernize Asia’s infrastructure, preparing the region for new renewable energy systems, particularly those that are focused on solar power. US…

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China halts production on coal power plants to power renewable energy investments

Renewable Energy - Image Coal Power Plant

Construction on 85 coal power plants has been halted The Chinese government has suspended plans to build 85 new coal power plants in order to invest more heavily in renewable energy. According to the National Energy Administration, halting the coal projects is part of China’s Five Year Plan, which focuses heavily on clean power and reducing greenhouse emissions. China has placed a limit on how much coal capacity can be active in the country at any given time. This is meant to reduce the production of emissions and attract more…

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China to invest $361 billion into the renewable energy sector

Renewable Energy Investment

China has high hopes for renewable energy China is set to invest $361 billion into renewable energy by 2020, according to the country’s National Energy Administration (NEA). The country has been working to distance itself from fossil-fuels in recent years and has become one of the largest investors in renewable energy. The NEA believes that renewable energy systems will account for approximately half of the electricity generated in China by 2020. Larger investments in renewable energy may have a significant impact on China’s economy. Investing in renewable energy may create…

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Chinese companies may take legal action against provinces to secure the growth of wind energy

Legal action may be required to ensure the growth of wind power in China China’s leading wind energy developers are beginning to consider taking legal action against government agencies in three provinces in order to force the country, as a whole, to make more aggressive use of wind power. These developers believe that there are certain barriers that have been established in the national energy grid that make it impossible for larger cities, such as Beijing, to adopt clean power. Despite these barriers, however, China has become the world’s top…

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China to increase clean energy in 2016 to further reduce its reliance on coal

Solar and wind energy capacity to increase by 21 percent this year. Last week, the National Energy Administration (NEA) issued a statement that outlined its clean energy targets for 2016. Among the goals included over 20 GW (gigawatts) of wind energy and a minimum of 15 GW of solar energy additions. The country is the world’s largest investor in clean power and is continually working toward its goals of lowering greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing its dependence on coal. China’s goal is to achieve 20 percent of its energy from…

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China aims to throw more support behind electric vehicles

Government intends to develop a better infrastructure to support electric vehicles The Chinese government intends to speed up the construction of a national network designed to charge electric vehicles. The country has become more supportive of clean transportation in recent years, looking to reduce the emissions found in its largest cities. These emissions have been linked with serious health concerns and several cities have begun taking steps to limit the number of conventional vehicles on their roads and support clean vehicles. The Chinese government wants to see 5 million clean…

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China is growing more aggressive with its solar energy goals

Solar energy is gaining more support in China China is considering adopting a new solar energy goal as part of its 13th five-year plan. The new plan involves a stronger focus on solar energy, which has become a very prominent force in China. The country has invested quite heavily in this form of energy over the past few years, with numerous manufacturers flooding the market with photovoltaic products that are inexpensive and quite effective. China has revised its solar energy goals numerous times, as the country has proven very capable…

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China increases its solar energy goals for 2015

National Energy Administration confirms China is on track to reach its new solar capacity goals Solar energy is growing at a rapid pace in China. The country’s National Energy Administration has confirmed that China is on track to see more than 17 gigawatts of new solar capacity installed this year. Many solar projects have received support from the Chinese government and the sector is flourishing because of this support. China is working to distance itself from older forms of energy for the sake of the environment and for economic progress…

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China has big plans for solar energy

National Energy Administration announces new goals for solar power China is expected to be the leading solar energy market this year due to a new initiative from the country’s National Energy Administration. The agency has announced that it has set an ambitious goal for domestic solar power capacity. The country has been working to bolster its use of solar power for some time and has made major progress toward a future that is less dependent on fossil-fuels. Renewable energy has become a priority for China as the country continues to…

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China to reach 10GW of installed solar energy capacity by end of 2013

China continues to support solar power China has been taking an aggressive approach to renewable energy recently in order to combat the ongoing issues associated with air pollution. Solar energy has become one of the country’s most supported forms of clean power. Indeed, China boasts of one of the fastest growing domestic solar industries in the world. The country has been promoting the adoption of solar systems in order to raise its renewable energy capacity and the National Energy Administration expects that the country will reach a new record by…

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