Microsoft begins testing new fuel cells

Microsoft Building - Fuel cells

Company is now testing natural gas fuel cells for future use Microsoft has begun showing more interest in fuel cells. The company has commenced testing on natural gas fuel cells that may eventually be used to provide electricity to its data centers. Microsoft has several data centers throughout the country, which consume a total of 2% of all electricity generated in the United States. By embracing fuel cells, the company may be able to reduce its strain on the energy grid and become more environmentally friendly. Seattle facility will be…

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GE to build facility in Malta to build and test fuel cells

GE Fuel Cells will be building a new pilot facility in Malta General Electric’s GE Fuel Cells unit has announced that it is building a new pilot factory in Malta, New York. General Electric has been showing a great deal of interest in fuel cells recently, especially as these energy systems become more popular in transportation and industrial sectors. General Electric believes that fuel cells are quite promising as primary energy systems, but current technology may not be sufficient enough to meet the energy needs of several sectors in an…

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Ceres Power to develop domestic fuel cells in South Korea

South Korea - Fuel Cells

Fuel cells could see domestic use in South Korea Ceres Power, a developer of hydrogen fuel cell products, has announced that it has signed a commercial and technical agreement with KD Navien, the largest manufacturer and installer of boilers in South Korea. KD Navien is responsible for the majority of the boilers that are used by consumers throughout South Korea and exports these boilers to other large markets outside of the country. Together, the two companies will work to develop a fuel cell system that can be used in homes…

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Natural gas may lead to the success of hydrogen fuel cells

Fuel Cell

Inexpensive fossil-fuel could bring more support to hydrogen fuel The price of natural gas has been dropping, creating a promising scenario for hydrogen fuel cells. In the U.S., natural gas has been growing in popularity. Though it is not clean burning, natural gas is being considered a viable alternative to more polluting fuels such as oil and coal. The Department of Energy estimates that approximately 95% of the country’s hydrogen gas is produced through the burning of natural gas – often used as a power source for hydrogen fuel cells.…

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Coca-Cola to introduce new energy system to production facility in California

Coca-Cola Using Green Technology

Natural gas hydrogen fuel cells to be installed in time for Earth Day Coca-Cola is preparing for the upcoming Earth Day announcing plans for install a new energy system at one of its production facilities in American Canyon, California. Coca-Cola has been showing a great interest in alternative energy in recent years and have been working to reduce its impact on the environment by adopting new energy systems. The beverage company has announced that its American Canyon facility will be receiving five natural gas hydrogen fuel cells in time for…

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Tropical S.A and ASPATE team to make eco-friendly homes in Greece


Hydrogen fuel cell resources used for residential Tropical S.A., a developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has announced that it will be supplying 500 of its GreenGen N5 fuel cells to ASPATE S.A., a developer of large-scale energy projects. These fuel cells will be installed in 500 homes by ASPATE and will be part of the company’s endeavor to make residencies more energy efficient and sustainable. The majority of ASPATE’s initiative takes place in Greece, where alternative energy has become more popular due to the ongoing financial crisis that grips…

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