China to invest $361 billion into the renewable energy sector

Renewable Energy Investment

China has high hopes for renewable energy China is set to invest $361 billion into renewable energy by 2020, according to the country’s National Energy Administration (NEA). The country has been working to distance itself from fossil-fuels in recent years and has become one of the largest investors in renewable energy. The NEA believes that renewable energy systems will account for approximately half of the electricity generated in China by 2020. Larger investments in renewable energy may have a significant impact on China’s economy. Investing in renewable energy may create…

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China increases its solar energy goals for 2015

National Energy Administration confirms China is on track to reach its new solar capacity goals Solar energy is growing at a rapid pace in China. The country’s National Energy Administration has confirmed that China is on track to see more than 17 gigawatts of new solar capacity installed this year. Many solar projects have received support from the Chinese government and the sector is flourishing because of this support. China is working to distance itself from older forms of energy for the sake of the environment and for economic progress…

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