Italian fuel cell maker looks to win the hearts of telecommunications companies with new hydrogen-wind-solar energy system

Hybrid Technology

The telecommunications industry is experiencing rapid growth as the demand for mobile phones explodes in developing countries mainly due to trends such as mobile commerce being such a big hit. As this industry grows, the need for telecom towers is being felt. These towers require a backup power source in case of outages and many companies are looking for alternatives to traditional energy sources. Electro Power Systems, an Italian manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, is looking to edge into the market with a new fuel cell that is entirely self-sustaining.…

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Nissan’s hydrogen fuel outlook and their vision for a new and improved battery powered car

Nissan Leaf lithium Ion Battery

Nissan is not pulling punches when it comes to electric vehicles. The Japanese automaker has been a formidable force in the realm of batteries and has recently adopted hydrogen as one of its major fuels of focus. Last month, the automaker announced a new fuel cell that promises to herald in a new generation of fuel cell technology. Despite the company’s new found love of hydrogen fuel, Nissan is not abandoning the battery. Instead, the company is making the battery better. As hydrogen fuel cells become more advanced, other forms…

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Nissan produces fuel cell 2 times more powerful than conventional models

Nissan Fuel Cell

Japanese automaker Nissan has revealed a next generation hydrogen fuel cell that claims to be 2.5 times more powerful than conventional models. The company’s dabbling in hydrogen has been rare in the past as Nissan choose to focus on battery-powered electric vehicles. With hydrogen becoming a more prominent part of the transportation industry’s future, however, the company has shifted gears and has begun making strides in the field of hydrogen for the first time since 2005. Nissan asserts that their new fuel cell will help make hydrogen more viable in…

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New fuel cell uses bacteria, wastewater and salt water to form a self-sustaining fuel system

Hydrogen Research

Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University have found a way to produce hydrogen from wastewater without having to rely on grid electricity. The discovery revolves around salt water and accounts for an “inexhaustible” source of hydrogen fuel, according to researchers. Using a microbial fuel cell packed with a certain kind of bacteria, researchers have been able to produce hydrogen through electrolysis using nothing more than wastewater and salt water. The process is entirely carbon-neutral, making it one of the cleanest forms of energy production known to man. Microbial fuel cells…

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Microbial fuel cells clean up the environment and revolutionize wastewater management

Sewer Plant - Hydrogen Fuel

 Hy-SyEnce, a relatively new company to the world of fuel cells, has been working on a new fuel cell that will derive its power from wastewater. Wastewater management is becoming an issue of concern amongst the environmentally minded. Many companies introduce toxins and chemicals into rivers, lakes and other water sources, tainting the environment and, in some instances, creating widespread dead zones. Water is a fundamental part of all forms of life on the planet and when water becomes poisonous, it damages the environment. Hy-SyEnce may have a solution with…

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Researchers at the University of Illinois create the world’s smallest fuel cell

Nano Technology ls

Size matters, according to researchers at the University of Illinois, and as far as hydrogen fuel cells are concerned, smaller is better. University scientists have been working on shrinking fuel cells, hoping that a diminutive size will make them both more cost effective and, if enough are used together, more powerful. The effort relies heavily on nano-technology. For the first time, researchers have been able to develop a small hydrogen fuel cell that uses bacteria as an energy source. The tiny fuel cell is the first of its kind in…

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