Solar energy still faces an uncertain future in Nevada

Solar Energy Costs - Nevada Desert

Nevada’s net metering plans may be in trouble The future of solar energy in Nevada was beginning to look promising, but that may have changed in a very short amount of time. NV Energy, one of the state’s largest utilities, suggests that the state’s revised net metering policies may no longer be viable. Changes in state policy would have allowed solar customers to take advantage of old net metering rules, allowing them to sell surplus electricity back to the state’s energy grid. NV Energy decries contentious provisions of net metering…

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Solar energy may begin to surge in Nevada

Nevada - Solar Energy, Solar Array

Solar-friendly policies return to Nevada Solar energy may soon see a comeback in Nevada. The solar sector has been struggling to find a foothold in the state since the government struck down net metering and other favorable policies nearly two years ago. With these policies coming back into play, however, the state’s solar market may become revitalized. This began with the passing of legislation that reinstate favorable rates for solar consumers, allowing them to once again take advantage of the state’s net metering system. Net metering could help the solar…

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Las Vegas could be an oasis for solar energy in Nevada

Solar Energy - Las Vegas Sign

City is investing more heavily in solar energy While Nevada’s solar energy market may have suffered a major blow in 2016, there is one city where this form of clean power is flourishing: Las Vegas. The city recently played host to the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which boasted of more than 165,000 attendees. A portion of the power used by the event was provided by solar energy sources. In fact, most of the city actually draws electrical power from the sun. All of Las Vegas’ government buildings are powered by…

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Nevada’s solar energy market is growing more chaotic

Cut subsidies lead to controversy throughout the solar energy market Solar energy in Nevada suffered a grievous blow recently, with the state deciding to make drastic cuts to subsidies, effectively cutting off support for the solar market. Concerns regarding this move are now coming under fire, with one of the state’s largest groups backed by utilities casting doubt on worries issued by consumers, developers, and prominent public figures. Solar Energy Fairness, which is supported by NV Energy, one of the state’s major utilities, has begun airing an ad that suggests…

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First of four electric car charging stations opens on U.S. 95

The first in a series of EV charging stations planned for U.S. 95 is up and running. One of four electric car charging stations has opened along the portion of the U.S. 95 highway that runs from Las Vegas to Reno. The 450-mile stretch of road (an approximate 7 hour car ride), that links Southern Nevada with Northern Nevada’s largest city, now has its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station ready to serve in Beatty. Plans for the “electric highway” were announced last summer. Governor Brian Sandoval announced plans for…

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Hope emerges for solar energy in Nevada thanks to new coalition

Solar energy had once thrived in one of the sunniest states in the country Over the past few years, solar energy has exploded in Nevada. State policies have allowed the solar sector to flourish, creating some 55,000 new jobs throughout Nevada and allowing homeowners and business to make use of renewable energy. Now, however, the solar sector is being threatened by controversial rate hikes that are being imposed on solar energy systems. These rate hikes are coming from NV Energy, which had hoped to create what it considered to be…

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Class action lawsuit aims to settle the solar energy problem in Nevada

Consumers have filed a lawsuit against NV Energy in the wake of rate hikes Solar energy has suffered a grievous blow in Nevada and those using this form of clean power are not happy. Two people that had used solar energy, John Bamforth and Stanley Schone, have filed a class action lawsuit in Nevada. The suit suggests that NV Energy, the state’s largest utility, provided false information to consumers who had been interested in solar power. Some 15,000 solar customers are a part of the class action lawsuit. NV Energy…

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Traditional utilities are showing more support for solar energy

Energy companies are focusing more heavily on solar power Traditional energy companies are beginning to invest more heavily into solar energy in several states. These companies have long relied on fossil-fuels in order to generating t electricity that consumers and businesses need, but they are beginning to show more favor for small-scale solar power. They are focusing on deploying rooftop solar panels as homeowners become more interested in renewable energy and look for ways to save money on their energy bills. Installation of solar panels is growing in the residential…

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Solar energy continues to boom in Western US

Solar energy gains momentum as NV Energy makes a bold move Solar energy has become a popular subject in Nevada, especially among homeowners that are keen to cut energy costs during the summer months. The state has been making a modest push to support various solar energy projects, even supporting projects from Native tribes that reside within Nevada’s borders. The state’s largest utility, NV Energy, has made a significant, if somewhat unnoticed, step forward in its advocacy of solar power, which may have implications for the whole of the solar…

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