SolarCity brings solar energy to military homes in Hawaii

Solar Energy - military solar homes in Hawaii

Solar energy to power homes at Island Palm Communities SolarCity, a leading solar energy company, has announced its intent to bring 12.8 megawatts of solar energy to Island Palm Communities on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Island Palm Communities is military community offering housing to those enlisted in the U.S. Army. The military has become a strong supporter of renewable energy in recent years, funding a multitude of projects concerning the use of solar power and other forms of clean energy. SolarCity has been a part of the military’s endeavors…

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Oahu…The Next Iceland?

Testing the viability of hydrogen powered cars has been something of a challenge. There are relatively few places in the U.S. that are suited for the testing of vehicles is often held back by the lack of sufficient access to hydrogen. Refueling stations in the nation are sparse. Car manufacturers can opt to procure the hydrogen needed to extensive testing themselves, but this will provide little analytic data regarding the commercial viability of the fuel. Many experts in the field have long held the belief that in order for hydrogen…

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