Department of Energy funds projects to expand domestic fuel cell industry

Federal agency aims to support the growth of the country’s fuel cell industry The U.S. Department of Energy has chosen three projects to receive $2 million in funding provided by the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative. This initiative is designed to support the federal agency’s overarching goal to help the United States be more competition in the manufacture of clean technologies. The funding being issued by the initiative will help support the analysis of hydrogen fuel and the domestic manufacture of fuel cell energy systems and how modern manufacturing processes can…

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Hydrogen fuel cell organization wins funding in Ohio

Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition receives financial support from state’s Controlling Board The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition has won funding from the state’s Controlling Board this week. The funding is expected to help in the development of fuel cell technology and promote the adoption of fuel cells for various purposes. The funding is also likely to be used by the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition to support local manufacturing projects that are focused on fuel cell technology. As fuel cells begin to receive more attention, especially in the form of financial aid,…

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Hydrogen fuel cell industry may find vital support in Ohio

US Alternative Energy

State prepared for role in global industry, according to Fuel Cell Coalition Ohio has worked tirelessly to establish itself as a vital part of the global hydrogen fuel cell industry. State lawmakers have worked to make fuel cells a large part of the local economy and adopt new policies that are meant to make the state more attractive to fuel cell manufacturers and hydrogen fuel producers. According to the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, the state is now poised to claim its place as part of the global hydrogen fuel cell…

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Shale gas may lead to growth in Ohio’s fuel cell industry

Alternative Fuel Resource

Ohio’s fuel cell industry may be able to accelerate growth by making use of shale gas Ohio has played a vital role in the hydrogen fuel cell industry of the U.S. for a decade. The Ohio Third Frontier program, which was established in 2002, has been part of the reason the state has been a leader in the industry. The program has brought more than $85 million in investments to the fuel cell industry, which has powered the research and development of hydrogen fuel cells. These investments have aided the…

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Ohio’s fuel cell industry shows economic promise

Solar Energy Job Growth

Economics of alternative energy gaining more attention The economic implications of alternative energy are gaining more attention in the U.S. The issue is often one steeped in politics, but it is quickly becoming one of economics. Alternative energy has the potential to help improve local economies by granting communities access to free energy. These energy systems are not autonomous and thus require upkeep from trained professionals. Because of this, alternative energy can create jobs wherever it takes root. A new report from NorTech, a regional technology advocacy group, and the…

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More incentive needed for U.S. hydrogen fuel market

US Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Energy independence is a very real concern for the United States. While the politics of such an endeavor are often murky and riddled with fallout from both Democrats and Republicans, the need for sustainable, renewable fuels is one that is unanimously acknowledged. Two senators, one from each party, have come together to call for increased support of hydrogen fuel cells from the federal government. The pair has put aside the traditional feud of their political alignments in the hopes that more will support their cause. Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and…

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Price tag for alternative energy is still too high

Businesses in the hydrogen fuel cell industry are all too familiar with the challenges facing real-world incorporation of the technology. Reliability, efficiency, and cost have been major factors in keeping fuel cells from the commercial market for years. While many are being won over by hydrogen fuel’s performance over fossil-fuels, as well as technological advancements that are making fuel cells more efficient, the price tag is still keeping them away from the public. More companies, educational institutions and alternative energy advocacy groups are coming together to focus on ways to…

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