New hydrogen fuel buses are coming to Ohio

Transit agency receives federal funding to purchase fuel cell buses The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority has received $8.9 million in federal funding in order to purchase five buses equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The organization manages the public transportation of Stark County, Ohio. Hydrogen-powered buses are beginning to gain traction with transport authorities because of their efficiency and the fact that they produce no harmful emissions. These buses are equipped with fuel cells, which consume hydrogen fuel in order to produce electrical power. Stark County will be home to…

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Hydrogen fuel cell organization wins funding in Ohio

Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition receives financial support from state’s Controlling Board The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition has won funding from the state’s Controlling Board this week. The funding is expected to help in the development of fuel cell technology and promote the adoption of fuel cells for various purposes. The funding is also likely to be used by the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition to support local manufacturing projects that are focused on fuel cell technology. As fuel cells begin to receive more attention, especially in the form of financial aid,…

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GM shows off new hydrogen-powered SUV and announces aggressive infrastructure plans

GM Hydrogen Car

General Motors has been working toward adopting hydrogen in recent years. The company’s efforts had been somewhat secretive until this year, when GM announced a number of hydrogen-based projects, including vehicles and work to build an energy infrastructure. Last month, GM researchers unveiled the company’s latest hydrogen-powered prototype in Ohio. The vehicle preformed so well that is being called a breakthrough in hydrogen technology. GM has larger plans in mind for hydrogen, of course, which were also unveiled by researchers during the exhibition. GM’s vehicle, which is an unnamed SUV,…

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