Renewable energy could face a challenging future in the US

Renewable Energy In Need of Support - Time for Change

DOE report calls for more support for fossil-fuels The U.S. Department of Energy has released a new report that could signal a major shift in the agency’s support for renewable energy. The report was commissioned by the agency’s head, Rick Perry, and recommends that more of the country’s electricity be generated from coal. Renewable energy advocates have been concerned for changes in federal energy policies since the Trump Administration came into power. Now, these concerns may become a reality as the Department of Energy begins to show stronger interest in…

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Rockefeller Family Fund to divest from fossil-fuels to fight climate change

Fund will be distancing itself from fossil-fuels as soon as possible The Rockefeller Family Fund has announced that it will be divesting from fossil-fuels as soon as possible. The Rockefeller Family made one of the world’s largest fortunes in the oil business many years ago, but it has now become very concerned with the potential impact of climate change. The fund plans to eliminate its holdings of Exxon Mobil Corp., claiming that the prominent oil company has been misleading consumers about the risks associated with a changing climate. Companies may…

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Obama seeks to secure support for renewable energy with charge on oil

President proposes new charge that will be applied to all oil being sold in the country President Barack Obama is set to propose a new charge of oil that is meant to promote clean transportation and renewable energy projects throughout the United States. The president intends to charge $10-per-barrel of oil, with the federal government planning to use the funds collected by the new charge to support a wide range of environmentally friendly projects. Obama’s proposal faces major political challenges, however, and there is no guarantee that it will gather…

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President Obama calls for the end of oil subsidies

Climate Change - President Obama

Last month, President Obama made an appearance in Miami, Florida, where he addressed the issue of energy and its relation to the country. The speech created a modest buzz in the alternative energy and climate communities, but did little to encourage anyone about U.S. energy policy. A new video has emerged that may get these communities excited as it features Obama taking a bold stance against what is, today, the largest for-profit business in the world: The oil industry. The video, which was first discovered by Planetsave, features snippet of…

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