Solar energy sector prepares for total eclipse in the US

Solar Energy - Solar Eclipse

Eclipse will have a major impact on solar power production Several solar energy companies are preparing to suffer the impact of a total solar eclipse that will cross the United States later this month. The eclipse will make its way from Oregon to South Carolina, with the moon casting a shadow that is 70 miles wide. This will effectively halt all solar energy production along the path of the eclipse. Solar power production is expected to be cut by some 9,000 megawatts during the eclipse, which is approximately the same…

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Regulators approve new wind energy system in Oregon

Wind energy - Wind Turbines Renewable Energy

New wind energy system to help power Apple data center has been approved Regulators in Oregon have granted approval for a new wind energy project that will be used to power one of Apple’s data centers. The project will make use of some of the largest wind turbines that have ever been deployed in the Pacific Northwest region. Avangrid Renewables, the company developing the new wind energy system, notes that approval for use of wind turbines capable of generating 3.6 megawatts of electrical power has been granted. By comparison, other…

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Apple will be powering its Oregon data center with wind energy

Wind Energy - Close View of Wind Turbine

Company plans to purchase wind energy in order to power Oregon data center Apple has announced that one of its data centers in Oregon will derive electricity from a new wind energy system that will be built in the near future. The company plans to receive all of its electricity from renewable sources in the coming years, and wind power will play a major role in this endeavor. Apple is currently one of the world’s largest investors in clean power, and is currently making major changes to the way it…

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Federal court puts an end to large-scale wind energy project in Oregon

Wind Energy - Wind Farm Wind Turbines

Court rules to end development on large wind energy project A federal court has chosen to end a large-scale wind energy project that was taking form in southeast Oregon. The project was put to rest over concerns of its environmental impact. The U.S. District Court in Portland ended the project because of the threat it posed to the sage grouse population, which has been in decline for some time. The project was initially approved by the federal Bureau of Land Management, but development will not be allowed to proceed further…

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Oregon is taking a big step forward with renewable energy

Governor Brown passes the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan Oregon has become the first state in the United States to legislate its way away from coal and other fossil-fuels. Governor Kate Brown has signed the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan, a legislation that has more than a year of political debate and controversy behind it. The legislation aims to accomplish numerous goals, namely the transition away from fossil-fuels and the adoption of various forms of renewable energy. Legislation will require utilities to abandon coal in favor of renewable…

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Oregon governor signs legislation supporting solar energy

Support for solar power is growing throughout Oregon, especially among lawmakers Solar energy is set to grow in Oregon due to new legislation. Governor Kate Brown has signed a new legislation that will secure the expansion of solar power throughout the state. The legislation was signed at the Early Learning Center in Pendleton. The facility itself is home to several solar panels, which are used to generate electrical power it needs. Solar energy is beginning to become more prominent in Oregon, though the state is not typically considered an ideal…

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Clean technology and renewable energy are growing throughout the US

Several states are leading the way in clean technology advancement Clean technology is gaining prominence in the United States, where several states have begun investing quite heavily in the development of environmentally friendly energy systems and their associated technologies. Clear Edge, a research organization, has released its latest Clean Tech Leadership Index report, which ranks states based on their support of clean technology. According to the report, California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado, and New York are leaders in new technology and sustainability. Solar energy is gaining significant momentum across the country…

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New geothermal energy bill introduced in the U.S.

Two state senators join forces to encourage the production of geothermal power on public lands. Idaho Senator Jim Risch teamed up with Oregon Senator Ron Wyden to reintroduce the Geothermal Production Expansion Act, a bill that prevents tentative bidders from hiking up the price of leases for geothermal energy projects, and enables the non-competitive leasing of a limited amount of public land at fair market value to encourage the growth of this renewable resource on hot spots that have already been identified. Approximately 250 million acres of federal land has…

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Oregon to embrace renewable energy more aggressively

Oregon may be coal-free in the coming years, if new legislations take hold Oregon may soon ditch coal as an energy source. The state is part of the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy, which involves supporting renewable energy as a primary power source and reducing the emissions that states produce every year. Currently, 33% of Oregon’s energy comes from coal, which typically comes from out-of-state sources. Two new legislations aims to further reduce the state’s coal consumption and promote the use of renewable energy. Legislation aims to…

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Oregon and Washington aim to incentive clean transportation

States are working to promote clean transportation and the adoption of electric vehicles New incentives may emerge in Oregon and Washington that could promote the adoption of fuel cell vehicles and other clean cars. A coalition has formed in Oregon, which aims to introduce legislation that would provide those that purchase battery electric vehicles with a tax rebate. Washington’s Governor, Jay Inslee, recently proposed a bill that would provide those that own electric vehicles, including fuel cell vehicles, with credit for using the state’s ferry services. Electric vehicles continue to…

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Geothermal energy looks promising in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon has unexplored geothermal potential. The annual meeting that is held by the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) is taking place this year in Portland, and one of the reasons the event is being held in Oregon’s largest city is that industry leaders say that the Pacific Northwest (PNW) has massive geothermal potential. There are several geothermal projects currently taking place across the Northwest. According to the latest annual report from the industry, there are over a dozen projects related to this renewable resource presently under development throughout the Northwest region.…

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Offshore wind energy revolution is underway in the US

Wind projects are finding support from the private sector and some ambitious states A wind energy revolution is underway in the U.S. At the beginning of the year, the country’s Production Tax Credit was allowed to expire. This initiative provided financial support for various types of wind projects throughout the state. The federal government allowed the tax credit to expire due to the economic concerns it had regarding wind power and its position in the country’s energy structure. Wind projects have, therefore, been relying more heavily on the private sector,…

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DOE invests in new nuclear energy technology

Small scale nuclear reactors catch agency’s attention The U.S. Department of Energy has begun investing in new nuclear reactors that are allegedly “meltdown-proof.” While wind and solar energy have been receiving a significant amount of attention from the Department of Energy, nuclear energy is still quite important for the country’s energy plans. The U.S. is currently pursuing an “all of the above” energy plan that involves the Department of Energy investing in various forms of clean power as well as fossil-fuels. DOE pumps $226 million into NuScale Power The federal…

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New partnership seeks to promote renewable energy and fight climate change

Renewable energy and climate change are the focus on a powerful new partnership The west coast of North America has banded together in order to fight climate change. The governments of British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington have entered into a new partnership in order to reduce harmful emissions and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. This partnership is called the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy and is one of the first of its kind to be focused on derailing climate change specifically. Climate change continues to…

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New renewable energy storage system unveiled in Oregon

Solar Energy Project

Oregon to serve as home to new renewable energy storage system When it comes to renewable energy, storage is a major issue. Conventional storage methods concerning electrical power are designed to suit the needs of conventional energy systems, not new systems that generate power from sunlight or wind. As such, much of the renewable energy being fed into an existing energy grid is lost in the process, leading to efficiency problems that often attract a great deal of criticism to the world of clean power. In Oregon, however, a new…

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Hydrogen fuel cell technology highlighted in new Portland Community College course

Portland Community College Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Portland Community College adopts hydrogen fuel cell course Oregon’s Portland Community College is to begin offering a new course in the field of renewable energy in April of this year. Renewable energy is becoming a very prominent focus in the U.S., but progress toward its adoption has been significantly delayed over the years due to technological problems and concerns regarding cost. Awareness and education are quickly becoming powerful tools that can overcome these problems and help renewable energy establish a stronger presence in the U.S. The new course being offered…

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