Panasonic to build fuel cell research center in Cardiff

Panasonic - Clean Transportation

Japanese technology company Panasonic has announced plans to construct a new fuel cell research center in Cardiff, UK. The company’s plans were revealed this week by Prime Minister David Cameron while on a mission in Japan to promote trade between the two countries. Panasonic has chosen to reserve more specific information on the initiative until a later date but has plans to do so at a later date. The fuel cell research center will cost more than $3 million and will be partially funded by the Welsh government. The research…

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Tensions with the Middle East spark a bright future for alternative energy

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Alternative energy is getting more attention from the U.S. government now than it ever has in the past. While some believe that this newfound interest in sustainable energy is spurred by belief in climate change, the reality of the matter may be that the country is looking to protect itself in the event of military conflict in the Middle East. Tensions between Iran and Israel are mounting and while neither side has openly attacked the other, threats abound. The U.S. is also in the throes of potential conflict with Iran…

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