Production Tax Credit extension heralded as victory for wind energy industry

Wind Energy Tax Credit

Production Tax Credit extension praised by wind energy developers The U.S. wind energy industry received some good news for the new year as federal lawmakers agreed to extend the Production Tax Credit, which helps support various wind energy products throughout the country. The extension was approved as part of a legislative deal that would help the U.S. avoid its “fiscal cliff” problem. The extension ensures that wind energy projects taking root throughout the U.S. will continue to receive the financial support they rely on to take form. Vestas calls extension…

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Wind energy outpacing natural gas in the US

wind energy systems

Wind energy trumps natural gas and coal The U.S. has been showing strong support for natural gas over the past year. The country has been working on tapping into its own natural gas resources in order to break away from foreign sources of energy. Natural gas is not the only thing that has the interest of the country, however, as the government has also been focusing on wind energy. Indeed, the country’s focus on wind energy is so strong that wind generation may outpace natural gas this year. Analysts highlight…

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American Wind Energy Association proposes to phase out Production Tax Credit

Wind Energy - Hydrogen Fuel

American Wind Energy Association aims to get rid of the Production Tax Credit, eventually The U.S. has shown strong support for wind energy over the past several years, but the country is currently debating the justification for extending the Production Tax Credit, which provides wind energy companies and their assorted projects with tax breaks. The American Wind Energy Association is a strong supporter of the Production Tax Credit, but the organization is well aware of the financial implications of the country’s continued support of wind energy. The organization has proposed…

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Wind energy industry braces for expiration of Production Tax Credit

Wind Energy Industry Tax Credit Deadline

Wind energy industry may soon lose support of Production Tax Credit The U.S. wind energy sector is in danger of losing a strong tax credit from the federal government due to congressional inaction. The Production Tax Credit, as it is called, is a major factor in the growth and success that the wind energy industry has seen in recent years. Backed by this tax credit, U.S. wind energy capacity has exceeded 50,000 megawatts, which is enough to power more than 13 million average homes. A congressional stalemate may put an…

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Wind energy finds bipartisan support in U.S. politics

wind energy support

Lawmakers come together to petition the extension of the Protection Tax Credit Last week, a group of 16 Republicans and two Democrats issued a letter to the House of Representatives at large petitioning legislators to extend the longevity of the Protection Tax Credit for the country’s wind energy projects. PTC is a federal financial policy designed to support alternative energy projects throughout the U.S. The policy has been a vital part of the growth seen in the wind energy industry over the past several years and its supporters believe it…

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