Portable recycling machine could help deal with the plastic waste problem

portable recycling machine - plastic waste in water

A DIY recycling machine is small enough to travel in the back of a ute. A group of engineering students from one of Australia’s leading universities, Monash University, have created a portable recycling machine that can breakdown plastic bottles, bags, trays and containers and convert them into anything that can be made in a mold. The machine is small enough that it can fit on the back of a utility vehicle, commonly called a ute in Australia. The students took on the challenge to create the machine as part of…

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Recycling technology sorts plastics at rapid speed

Researchers discover new process that boosts plastic waste recycling efficiency. Identifying and categorizing plastic materials can be a difficult process, but a new recycling technology developed by Ludwig Maximilians Universitat researchers in Munich, Germany, has sped up the plastic sorting process and made it more efficient so that a higher volume of plastic can be recycled and made into new items. A flash of light simplifies the sorting system. The system works using photoexcitation, which exposes plastic items to a brief flash of light. This causes the plastic to emit…

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