ENGIE launches new fleet of fuel cell vehicles

ENGIE launched new fleet of vehicles - Row of random Parked Cars

Fleet is made up of hydrogen-powered Renault vehicles ENGIE, a global energy group based in France, has launched a fleet comprised of 50 fuel cell vehicles. The vehicles themselves come from automaker Renault and were made available for long-term rental through Alphabet, a mobility solutions company. The fleet will be used by ENGIE technicians to provide technical operations and maintenance services for commercial buildings. The fuel cell systems that power the fleet have been developed by Symbio. They will also receive the fuel that they need to operate effectively from…

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CitySprint begins testing new fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Hydrogen Powered Van

Company is examining how fuel cells can be used to power vehicles CitySprint, a leading same-day delivery company in the United Kingdom, has begun testing a new hydrogen-powered van. The new van is meant to help the company reduce its emissions output. During the test period, CitySprint will be assessing its performance to determine whether or not fuel cells would be adequate to power a fleet of delivery vehicles. Relatively few fuel cell vehicles are in use in the United Kingdom, but these cars are becoming more popular among delivery…

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Air Liquide installs to hydrogen fuel station in France

New fuel station is located in the Rhone-Alpes region Air Liquide, a leading producer of chemical gases, has installed a new hydrogen fuel station in France, within the Rhone-Alpes region. This is the second high-capacity hydrogen station that will be installed within the region, further bolstering France’s fueling infrastructure and preparing it for the launch of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, which consume hydrogen to produce electricity. The only things that fuel cell vehicles emit as a byproduct of operation are water and oxygen.…

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Daimler and Renault criticize hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Daimler and Renault CEOs criticize Toyota for its plans to release a fuel cell vehicle As hydrogen fuel cells continue to gain popularity, the auto industry is becoming somewhat divided on whether or not these energy systems are viable for clean transportation. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, and Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault, have criticized Toyota for its plans to release a fuel cell vehicle in 2015. Both executive suggest that fuel cells are an expensive detour from conventional battery electrics, highlighting a growing rift within the auto industry concerning…

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Renault and Nissan to kickstart an infrastructure for electric vehicles in France

electric vehicles - Wireless Charging

Automaker looks to take matters into its own hands French automaker Renault has been a player in the electric vehicle arena for some time. The company has been a staunch advocate of lowering the harmful emissions produced by vehicles and believes that electric vehicles are the best way to accomplish this feat. The automaker has recently expressed frustration concerning the rate at which electric car chargers are being installed in its home country of France. Without an infrastructure capable of supporting a large amount of electric vehicles, consumers may not…

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