Fossil-free hydrogen gas plant receives support from Sweden Energy Agency

Fossil-free hydrogen gas plant to be built in Sweden - Swedish flag

The planned alternative fuel plant is expected to be Europe`s biggest. Swedish power company Vattenfall and Swedish petroleum corporation Preem are moving ahead with their plans to build a fossil-free hydrogen gas plant in Gothenburg, one of Sweden`s major cities. Once built, the plant is expected to have a capacity of 18 megawatts, which will make it the largest in Europe. The Swedish Energy Agency will fund half the cost for the preliminary planning of the plant. Through Industriklivet (Industrial Evolution), the Swedish Energy Agency will contribute half the cost…

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Company hoping to mass-produce biofuels receives funding

Joule Unlimited raises another $40 million in funds. Julie Unlimited, the Bedford-based developer of alternative fuels, has raised $200 million to date in private investment since it was established in 2007, and has recently announced its latest $40 million in funding from Flagship Ventures, its chief financial backer, which the company will use to help it achieve its goal of mass producing biofuels, reported the Boston Business Journal. Joule is an innovative clean energy company producing unique renewable fuel. Joule has developed technology to create renewable fuels, including ethanol and…

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Research team aims to blend hydrogen fuel with carbon dioxide

Researchers come together to replicate photosynthesis Researchers from the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis at the California Institute of Technology may have found a way to produce synthetic gasoline using sunshine and water. The researchers are backed by $122 million in funds from the Department of Energy and the team is comprised of more than 120 scientists from around the country. This team is responsible for finding ways to mimic photosynthesis and produce fuels through the use of renewable resources, such as sunlight. Researchers aim to harness the power of…

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Algae-based biofuels now available in California

Biofuels from algae

Algae-based biofuels available to consumers for the first time Transportation is evolving as automakers and fuel producers begin taking alternative energy more seriously. Traditional fossil-fuels are becoming more expensive, especially in the U.S. Political tensions with the Middle East have set the price of oil on a steady incline. Further boosting interest behind clean transportation are new fuel efficiency standards. Automakers have largely focused on hydrogen fuel for the future, but some fuel producers have chosen to embrace algae-based biofuels. Propel Fuels teams with Solarzyme to provide biofuels Earlier this…

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California gets 19 new clean energy laws

California Hydrogen Fuel Market

Clean energy laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown Climate change, clean energy, and efficiency have been getting a great deal of attention in California recently. The state has long been a champion for clean energy and sustainability, but, like others throughout the country, politicians have been less than enthusiastic to throw their support behind these issues. This seems to have changes over the past few months, however, as the Legislature approved 19 new clean energy bills that could boost the state’s adoption and use of solar, wind, and other renewable…

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European Union report shows that 70% of new energy generated in the region comes from renewable sources

Report - Renewable Energy Supported by Country

According to a new report from the European Union, wind and solar power were responsible for approximately 70% of new power installation throughout the European region in 2011. Many European countries have been working alternative energy into their power schemes and most have seen a great deal of success. Wind and solar have been a popular option for these countries, but hydrogen has made a significant impact as well. The European Union has been aggressively pushing alternative energy projects and these efforts seem to be paying off. The report notes…

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Department of Energy modifies e. coli bacteria to produce biofuel

e. coli bacteria biofuel

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy have begun experimenting with an infamous strain of bacteria that has, thus far, shown prowess in producing biofuel. Researchers are using e. coli bacteria to make renewable energy by having the bacteria feed upon switchgrass. Normally, e. coli cannot grow on switchgrass, so researchers had to modify a particular strain of the bacterium to help it thrive on the grass. In this way, the e. coli feed on the switchgrass and produce a chemical that can be used as a fuel for just…

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Nanotechnology could hold the key to the success of alternative energy

Battery Technology Preferred to Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Nanotechnology is quickly becoming the hinge upon which the success of alternative energy will be realized or discarded as unviable. Researchers from Stanford University have developed a new compound of nanoparticles that could increase the power and storage capacity of batteries tenfold. Such batteries would be able to be used in large scale energy storage and could make the nation’s energy infrastructure much more sustainable than it is today, a feat that researchers have been laboring to achieve for decades. The research provides a promising alternative to other renewable fuels…

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New report highlights the growing hydrogen market in India

India Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Frost & Sullivan, a global business research firm, has released a new report concerning the state of the stationary fuel cell market in India. The report shows that the market is growing quickly in India, where hydrogen is fast becoming a primary fuel source to power the nation’s populace. India, home to some 1 billion people, has been exploring ways to incorporate alternative energy into the nation’s power infrastructure, hoping to move away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy entirely. Stationary fuel cells, most often used to power homes and…

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Protectionism may be a barrier for the world’s alternative energy industry

US Alternative Energy

Renewable energy is a promising and attractive prospect for a number of nations around the world. The future of alternative energy, however, is shrouded in uncertainty. While technology is advancing at a rapid pace, making sustainability more of a viable reality, the politics of the world may inhibit the adoption of alternative energy on a wide scale. Protectionism is becoming a greater concern in the renewable energy industry which, if not mitigated, could compromise the stability of the industry as a whole. In the U.S., the state of Ohio has…

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Researchers prove the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

Battery Powered Cars

Researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have made an astonishing breakthrough this week. Using a vast assortment of modeling tools and complex computer software, researchers have definitively proven the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. The law states that the first unit of consumption of a good or service yields more utility than subsequent units. To most, the science behind the discovery can be somewhat confusing. In essence: Researchers have found that, overall, vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries are less fuel efficient and less environmentally friendly than other alternatively…

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New report explores whether the move toward alternative fuel is coming too late

Climate Change - Environmental Issues

As the public begins to focus more on sustainable fuels, scientists are investigating what impact the renewable energy industry will have on the world. Politicians, scientists and environmentalists alike all attest to a looming energy crisis facing the world and are quick to insist that major changes need to happen now before humanity is faced with disasters it cannot mitigate. Despite this insistence, however, the progress toward a sustainable future has been slow going. So slow, in fact, that some believe humanity has gone past the point of no return.…

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