Riversimple could help promote hydrogen fuel in China

Hydrogen Fuel - Encouraging Adoption of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Riversimple founder will be joining Prime Minister Theresa May in China Clean transportation may be a subject of discussion as United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May makes her first journey to China. Hugo Spowers, founder of clean vehicle developer Riversimple, will be part of a delegation that will be traveling with the Prime Minister. During the trip, the delegation will be visiting several cities. This may serve as an opportunity for Riversimple, as well as several other companies, to lay groundwork to make an entry into the Chinese market. Riversimple…

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Riversimple successfully reaches its crowdufnding goal for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Crowdfuncing British Coin

Automaker has achieved its ambitious crowdfunding goal Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has ambitious plans to develop clean vehicles. The company has recently reached a major milestone with its crowdfunding goal, raising more than $1 million for its efforts to develop new vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The automaker aims to produce 20 fuel cell vehicles, which will produce no harmful emissions. The successful crowdfunding campaign highlights a growing interest in clean transportation and in fuel cell vehicles specifically. New vehicle will be able to travel…

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Riversimple to lease its new fuel cell vehicles

Rasa will not be available for sale, but consumers can lease it Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has released more information concerning its upcoming clean vehicle and some may surprised by what has been revealed. The automaker has announced that it will not actually be selling its fuel cell vehicle, called the Rasa. Instead, the company will be leasing the vehicle’s mileage. This will ensure that consumers can still use the vehicle, but they will not be able to own it outright. Automaker hopes to make improvements…

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Riversimple fuel cell vehicles may help make the UK a thriving clean transportation market

Riversimple is making promising progress on its work with fuel cell technology Riversimple, a Welsh automaker, is making progress in creating a bright future for clean transportation. The company revealed its plans to develop a new fuel cell vehicle, called the Rasa, some months ago. It also showcased other variants of this vehicle only a short time ago. The Rasa is showing great promise to become a very popular clean vehicle among consumers in the United Kingdom, and may be one of the more affordable options available to drivers when…

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Riversimple is taking its plans for fuel cell vehicles to the next level

Automaker introduces two new models for its fuel cell vehicle Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has unveiled two new models for its upcoming Rasa vehicle, which is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The company unveiled these models during the London Motor Show. One of the models will be a four-seat version of the Rasa, while the other will be a van, Both will tap into the power of fuel cell technology, which will make them environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Riversimple to trial Rasa later this…

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Riversimple launches crowdfunding campaign to support hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

New campaign aims to raise funds to match a significant grant awarded by the European Union Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to match a $2 million grant that has been approved by the European Union. The campaign is meant to support the development of a new fuel cell vehicle that Riversimple is working on, called Rasa. Riversimple will be using ShareIn, an equity crowdfunding platform that will allow the automaker to collect funds from supporters directly through its website. Fuel cell…

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Riversimple to launch a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the UK

Automaker is developing a new fuel cell vehicle to serve the United Kingdom Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has announced that it is developing a new 2-seat fuel cell vehicle. The new car is expected to be available in the UK later this year and will give consumers a new option when it comes to clean transportation. Called the Rasa, the vehicle will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, which generates electricity through the consumption of hydrogen. The only byproduct of this process in water vapor…

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Riversimple to participate in hydrogen vehicle trial in the UK

Riversimple - Fuel Cell Vehicles

More hydrogen-powered cars are showing up on streets in the UK as the fuel continues to garner support throughout the nation. Both Herefordshire and Shropshire Councils have announced a new plan to bring some 30 hydrogen-powered vehicles to local streets as part of a trial scheduled to begin in 2012. The vehicles come from Riversimple, an open source automaker focused on hydrogen fuel. The trial will help citizens get comfortable with the idea of alternative energy transportation and give authorities hands-on experience with fuel cell technology. Riversimple’s cars will not…

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