Equilon to help develop seven new hydrogen fuel stations in California

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Man Refueling Car at gas station

New hydrogen stations are set to be developed in Northern California Equilon Enterprises, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, will be aiding with the development of seven new hydrogen fuel stations in Northern California. The California Energy Commission has awarded a grant of $16,362,500 for this endeavor. The grant was provided through the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. The initiative commits $100 million every year to projects focused on clean transportation and clean fueling technologies. Automakers are working to help build new hydrogen fuel stations Equilon will…

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Company pleads guilty to violations linked to arctic drilling

Noble Drilling will pay multi-million dollar fine for maritime and environmental crimes. Earlier this week, Noble Drilling U.S. LLC, agreed to plead guilty to eight felony charges linked to propulsion, pollution, and record-keeping issues connected to the two Arctic drilling rigs that bored oil wells for the Shell Oil Company off of Alaska’s Arctic coast in 2012, and will now be required to pay $12.2 million (an $8.2 million fine and $4 million in community service payments) for its crimes. Most of the violations are connected to one ship in…

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