UK solar power briefly overtakes gas as top energy source

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The heatwave in Britain has broken multiple solar energy-generation records. UK solar energy made headlines this past weekend when the nation’s solar power briefly overtook gas power stations as the United Kingdom’s top energy source. Last week, solar broke the record for weekly output in the UK. Although UK solar energy installations have “virtually flatlined” over the past year, according to a report from The Guardian, a week of mostly cloudless days has contributed to a series of record-breaking highs for this renewable form of power generation. According to Sheffield…

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California reaches new solar energy record

State reaches new record with its solar energy production in March The California Independent System Operator has announced that the state has reached a new record in terms of solar energy production. The state has been a longstanding supporter of solar power and has been working to make renewable energy a priority for several years. California is currently considered a leading market for solar power due to the aggressive support it has shown for the solar sector. As the state’s installed solar capacity continues to increase, it will likely continue to…

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Solar energy sets a new record in California

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California breaks previous solar energy generation record California ISO, operator of the state’s energy grid, has announced that the state has reached a new record in terms of solar energy generation. California has long been considered the bastion of solar energy in the U.S. The state has several policies in place to support the adoption and growth of solar power and state officials have worked aggressively to ensure that the state remains a leader in this particular field of sustainability. California is home to several breakthroughs when it comes to…

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