China is boosting it’s focus on solar farms

Solar Farms - Solar Panels

Country aims to embrace solar power more aggressively China has big plans for solar power and will be investing in this form of renewable energy quite heavily in the coming years. The country has embarked on an ambitious plan to derive much of its electrical power from solar farms. By 2020, the country aims to have some 110 gigawatts of installed solar capacity in place. This would be enough to power approximately 30 million average homes. China wants to replace fossil-fuels with renewable power China’s investments in solar farms highlights…

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Hydrogen trains from Alstom are coming to the UK

Hydrogen Trains - Image of Train in UK

Alstom teams with Eversholt Rail to bring new trains to the UK Alstom, a leading railway company, has announced that it will be working with Eversholt Rail. The two companies will be converting Class 321 electric trains to run off hydrogen. These hydrogen trains would then be put to service in the United Kingdom, where the demand for fuel cell-powered trains is growing quickly. According to Nick Crossfield, managing director for Alstom UK & Ireland, “the potential for H2 trains is enormous.” Government continues its efforts to make transportation more…

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Massive solar energy system launched in India

Solar Energy - Solar Panels in Field

Kanataka becomes home to a new large-scale solar farm What may be the world’s largest solar energy farm has been launched in India’s Kanataka. The solar farm is called Shakti Sthala and covers an area of 13,000 acres. The project was developed by the Karnataka Solar Power Development Corp., which is a joint venture from Karnataka Renewable Energy Development and the Solar Energy Corp. of India. The solar farm represents a milestone in participation among several villages, with farmers leasing their land so that solar panels can be installed. Farmers…

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The State of Solar Energy in Africa

Solar energy has found a very promising home in Africa. The continent has massive solar potential, receiving as much as 4,300 hours of sunlight every year. Many African countries also receive the world’s highest levels of solar radiation, making them ideal locations for solar farms. Solar products are beginning to flood into Africa, providing countries with the ability to tap into a resource that is in vast abundance but very rarely used to generate electricity. Currently, the distribution of solar energy systems throughout Africa is uniform. Countries that experience more…

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Japan to build world’s largest floating solar energy farm

Solar Energy - Solar Panel Array

Kyocera and Tokyo Leasing Corporation will work together to develop ambitious new project Japan may soon be home to the world’s largest floating solar energy system. The Tokyo Leasing Corporation and Kyocera Corporation have announced plans to develop the massive 13.7 megawatt project. The solar farm will be located in the Yamakura Dam reservoir. Kyocera is already planning to develop a similar project in the Umenokifurukori reservoir, which will have a capacity of 7.5 megawatts. Once the projects are completed, Japan will be home to some of the only floating…

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Solar farms may help to protect endangered wildlife

Eco-friendly partnership seeks to promote biodiversity and protect threatened species in the UK. A new partnership, formed between solar developer Anesco and the wildlife charity Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), is making the most of the land used in and around large-scale solar farms across England and Wales to support biodiversity and protect endangered wildlife, such as skylarks and turtle doves. The partnership aims to create natural habitats for these birds and other threatened species. The green plan will help to create a natural habitat for birds…

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Solar power deal means more green energy in Minnesota

Xcel Energy Inc. signed deals with energy developers to build three large solar projects. The electricity and natural gas utility supplier said last week that it has made deals with three energy developers to build as many as three huge solar power farms in Minnesota located near Marshall, North Branch and Tracy, which will comply with a new renewable energy mandate in the state. The new solar energy developments could result in almost 200 MW of new power coming online by 2016. Xcel said in a filing with state regulators…

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Solar Farm Smackdown

The impact of run-off from solar farms in the form of construction residue and cleaning chemicals can negatively affect surrounding wildlife. This is just one concern raised in a planned project on environmentally sensitive land in Ontario, Canada. The Issue at Hand Farmland in Scugog, Ontario is at the heart of a debate raging on regarding how green a proposed solar farm really is. The project is called Illumination, LP and is owned by Guelph-based Canadian Solar. The area of the proposed solar farm is known as Oak Ridges Moraine,…

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The Maldives strives for carbon neutrality with the help of solar power

One Island in the Maldives - Alternative Energy News

A chain of islands in the Indian Ocean is looking to solar power to meet its energy needs. The Maldives has taken the potential threat of climate change and rising sea levels very seriously. As an island nation, The Maldives receives much of its fuel from other countries, which has presented trouble in these times of economic turmoil. In order to protect itself from financial ruin and in an effort to mitigate the effects of climate change, the nation has begun adopting solar energy to generate more of its electricity.…

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China plans to lead the way into a sustainable future with the help of solar and wind power

China - Renewable Energy

China continues its push to become the world’s leading alternative energy powerhouse. The central government has revised its development target for solar energy. The revised plan seeks to have 50% of China’s electricity generated by solar farms by 2015. China also claims that wind power will play a big part in its alternative energy future, saying that more than 100 gigawatts of electricity will be generated by wind turbines in 2015. Earlier last year, the Chinese government instituted a new sleuth of tax cuts for companies adopting alternative energies. The…

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Nanotechnology could hold the key to the success of alternative energy

Battery Technology Preferred to Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Nanotechnology is quickly becoming the hinge upon which the success of alternative energy will be realized or discarded as unviable. Researchers from Stanford University have developed a new compound of nanoparticles that could increase the power and storage capacity of batteries tenfold. Such batteries would be able to be used in large scale energy storage and could make the nation’s energy infrastructure much more sustainable than it is today, a feat that researchers have been laboring to achieve for decades. The research provides a promising alternative to other renewable fuels…

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Morocco to be home for new European Union solar farm

Europe Solar Farms

The European Coalition, a branch of the European Union that is focused on promoting alternative energies, has selected Morocco to be home to a new solar energy plant. Morocco, nestled in Northwest Africa, may help Europe meet its long-term energy needs thanks to the deserts found in the nation. The Coalition will be working with the Desertec Industrial Initiative, a European alternative energy company that seeks to install solar farms in deserts throughout the Middle East and Africa. The solar farm will likely find a home in Southern Morocco in…

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Researchers discover that solar energy may be better harvested in cold climates rather than hot

Solar Power News

When it comes to solar energy, the general consensus is that hot deserts are the best way to harvest the sun’s power. A new study from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science shows that this notion may not be accurate. The study claims that cold places, not hot, are the best environments in which to harvest solar power. This means that solar farms may be more effective in places like Antarctica and the Himalaya Mountains. A team of…

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