New car using solar energy wins praise at the World Solar Challenge

Stella Vie - Solar Energy Car

Solar-powered car attracts major support at annual event A new family car has won significant praise during the World Solar Challenge in Australia this year. The challenge is held to highlight the use of solar energy. Some 41 vehicles, all equipped with photovoltaic technology, were brought to the event, where they competed in a 1,860 mile trek. One vehicle, in particular, won the competition for the third consecutive time. One vehicle from Dutch company Eindhoven won crowd support, however, with many heralding the company’s vehicle as the future of transportation.…

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Chinese company invests in driverless solar powered cars

China Vanke has just tested a self-driving patrol car. The Chinese real estate development company and largest property developer in China, China Vanke, is working on developing driverless solar powered cars and other robots. According to the company, which recently announced that its autonomous patrol car has finished testing, it is developing these projects to address problems of labor shortages in China. The car is electrically powered by solar panels and can seat up to six people. According to a news report from Reuters, the driverless car is equipped with…

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Solar energy vehicle makes progress at Stanford University

Solar Energy Vehicle

Students advancing on solar energy vehicle project A group of students from Stanford University have been working on a new type of vehicle that will be powered by alternative energy. While this is not a new concept in the realm of transportation, these students are not focusing on hydrogen fuel cells or lithium-ion batteries, both of which are currently exceedingly popular in the auto industry. Instead, these students have set their sights on solar energy to power their ambitious new vehicle. Solar energy continues to be a fringe interest in…

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BMW says that the future of hydrogen energy is in the hands of consumers

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Outlook

Though most major automakers are investing heavily into hydrogen fuel cell technology, BMW says that consumers will be the ones that decide whether hydrogen, as energy, has a future. The automaker has supported fuel cells in the past and believes that hydrogen is a viable alternative to oil, but claims that automakers won’t see success with the technology through efforts of brute force. Regardless of all the money that automakers have dumped into improving fuel cells and making hydrogen-powered cars, consumers hold the keys to the ultimate fate of the…

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General Motors and The Gas Company team to build Hawaii’s first hydrogen fuel cell service center

Hawaii - solar energy

Hawaii’s The Gas Company has announced plans to partner with General Motors in an effort to open a new service center for hydrogen-powered vehicles in Honolulu. The service center is meant to be a source of maintenance and repair for the hydrogen fuel cells that power new vehicles coming from most major automakers, including GM. GM Believes that the facility will make it easier for consumers to adopt hydrogen energy as it will provide them with a safety net should the technology in their vehicles fail and they do not…

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Bloomberg study shows the number of electric charging stations shadows the number of ethanol fuel stations in the U.S.

electric vehicles

A new study from Bloomberg, a multinational financial news corporation, shows that the number of public charging stations in the U.S. outnumbers ethanol fueling stations. According to the study, there are more than 4,400 charging stations throughout the country, each capable of powering more than one electric vehicle at a time. There are only 2,500 ethanol fueling stations in the U.S., all of which are used to fuel the 7.6 million vehicles that run solely on the fuel. While charging stations may outnumber ethanol station, there are only 16,000 electric…

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Business relations between Indian and the UK showing promise thanks to alternative energy

Hydrogen Fuel Cars

The British Empire may be on its way back to India as the country begins to purchase more electric vehicles built in the UK. While the return of Britain will not be political in any way, the business relations between the two countries are likely to form a stronger bond than either have held for several years. Tata Steel, a multi-national steel-making company based in London, has been working on a new energy system that its subsidiary, Tata Motors, the largest automaker in India, will be using for a new…

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Kia joins the ranks of automakers building hydrogen powered vehicles

Kia Pop Concept Model

Korean automaker Kia is taking the plunge into hydrogen fuel. The automaker has had plans to produce a wide variety of environmentally friendly vehicles for several years but had not settled on an particular energy to support. With most major car manufacturers adopting hydrogen, Kia has succumbed to the appeal of the fuel and plans to launch their first hydrogen-powered vehicle in 2015. Kia’s main goal in their hydrogen initiative is to make alternative energy vehicles affordable to a wide variety of consumers. Kia plans to launch a small, three-seat…

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Riversimple to participate in hydrogen vehicle trial in the UK

Riversimple - Fuel Cell Vehicles

More hydrogen-powered cars are showing up on streets in the UK as the fuel continues to garner support throughout the nation. Both Herefordshire and Shropshire Councils have announced a new plan to bring some 30 hydrogen-powered vehicles to local streets as part of a trial scheduled to begin in 2012. The vehicles come from Riversimple, an open source automaker focused on hydrogen fuel. The trial will help citizens get comfortable with the idea of alternative energy transportation and give authorities hands-on experience with fuel cell technology. Riversimple’s cars will not…

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Focus on a singular energy method may be a pitfall for progress

Hydrogen Fuel Cars

Alternative energy continues to be a hot issue. On the consumer level, much of the anticipation surrounding sustainable technology revolves around concerns for the environment. In government, however, the issue is cost and efficiency. Consumers have been quick to criticize their governments, especially in the U.S., for not doing enough to support alternative energy efforts. Indeed, few governments in the world focus their attention on one brand of renewable fuel, instead preferring to dabble in several alternatives. This practice is driven by practicality rather than necessity. In the U.S. the…

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Battery or fuel cell…the auto industry conondrum

Department of Energy - Alternative Energy News

The auto industry is embroiled in an unlikely battle between two alternative fuels: Hydrogen and battery. While both are fundamentally similar – both fuel systems produce electricity to power vehicles – each method has significant differences. Hydrogen has faced harsh criticisms due to the high production cost of fuel cells. Battery powered vehicles were considered novelty, once upon a time, but have overcome such conceptions, as proven by Nissan’s Leaf. Cars that run on electricity is the new goal of the auto industry. Many manufacturers have taken strides to make…

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Hope for the U.S. hydrogen car industry

Hydrogen fuel vehicles

More members of Congress are championing the cause for alternative fuels. There have been several proposals in the last few weeks urging the federal government to renew its support for hydrogen fuel. Many of these proposals seek merely to increase the funding of research and development programs. A new bill has entered the House of Representatives that could change the face of transportation in the country. The bill, called the Open Fuel Standard Act, targets the auto industry specifically. Beginning in 2014, no less than 50% of new vehicles will…

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Sexy and eco-friendly!

2012 Honda FCX Clarity

As new, eco-friendly cars begin entering the market, more consumers are finding themselves curious as to whether they live up to all the hype. Battery powered cars have proven to be popular and are performing much more admirably than their predecessors. However, hydrogen powered vehicles are attracting more attention spurred by the promise that hydrogen is just as powerful, if not more so, than oil. At this year’s Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California, people have been able to test drive these alternatively fueled vehicles and get firsthand…

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars vs Battery Powered Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Defender

There is a lot of excitement regarding electric cars these days, so much so that many are hailing battery powered cars as the answer to the world’s addiction to oil. Nissan has certainly had success with their Leaf model, proving that the electric cars of yesteryear are a far cry from what is possible today in terms of performance and efficiency. While Nissan isn’t alone in their support for batteries, the vast majority of car manufacturers are rising in support of hydrogen. In reality, fuel cells and batteries are two…

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