The State of Solar Energy in Africa

Solar energy has found a very promising home in Africa. The continent has massive solar potential, receiving as much as 4,300 hours of sunlight every year. Many African countries also receive the world’s highest levels of solar radiation, making them ideal locations for solar farms. Solar products are beginning to flood into Africa, providing countries with the ability to tap into a resource that is in vast abundance but very rarely used to generate electricity. Currently, the distribution of solar energy systems throughout Africa is uniform. Countries that experience more…

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Tesla continues to make its way into the solar energy market

Tesla applies for six new trademarks for solar products Tesla Motors recently unveiled plans to acquire SolarCity, one of the leading solar developers in the United States. The plan involves folding SolarCity’s solar operations into Tesla’s overarching business. This is meant to ensure that Tesla customers have access to solar energy, which can be used to power their electric vehicles. While the acquisition deal has not yet been finalized, Tesla has already applied for new trademarks in order to sell solar products. Solar products may soon be offered directly through…

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China maintains tariff on solar energy materials

China opts to uphold tariffs on materials from the US and South Korea The Chinese government has opted to uphold the tariffs it had announced last year on imports of a raw material from the U.S. and South Korea. The material is known as solar-grade polysilicon and is used in the manufacture of solar panels. The move to uphold tariffs may have serious implications for China’s solar panel manufacturers, who produce more than half of the world’s supply of solar panels. Manufacturers had hoped that the tariffs would be revised,…

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PV market war continues as China Development Bank renews support for solar products

PV Market Alternative Energy News

China and Europe continue to clash over PV market woes Europe, the U.S., and China continue to clash over the goings on within the solar photovoltaic (PV) market. Europe has long been a leading power in the global PV market, until China decided to throw its industrial power behind the manufacture and deployment of new solar panel products. China’s aggressive entry into the PV market has caused some significant tension in Europe, where solar panel manufacturers and trade groups, such as EU ProSun, are filing trade disputes against the country.…

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Stanford engineers create nanomaterial that makes solar panels much more effective at their jobs

Solar Energy - Solar Capacity

Engineers from Stanford University have found a way to improve the performance of the materials used in solar panels to harvest the energy of the sun. Researchers used nanotechnology to accomplish the feat. They created a material called nanocrystalline silicon, which represents thousands upon thousands of tiny, spherical crystals that absorb sunlight. Researchers claim that the material is more cost-effective than its conventional counterparts. If the material becomes widely used, it could mean that future solar panels would be much less expensive than they are now. The material’s benefits are…

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Solar energy adoption meets with roadblock from the UK government

UK Solar Energy

Solar energy may become a little more difficult for consumers to get their hands on in the United Kingdom. The Department of Energy and Climate Change has lost an appeal against the High Court regarding feed-in tariffs for solar installations. In December last year, the Court of Appeals ruled that the government agency had made unlawful cuts to the program. The agency proposed the cuts to offset the potential financial losses it would accrue from rapid adoption of solar energy systems. The agency is now pursuing to have the ruling…

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Desertec gains momentum as companies and nations shift focus toward alternative energy

Saharan desert of Africa

The Saharan desert of Africa may soon be home to the world’s largest solar farm. The desert has been a prime target for solar energy as far back as 1913, when American engineer Frank Shuman first proposed building a solar farm in the region. The idea long laid dormant until it was picked up by a German particle physicist by the name of Gerhard Knies in 1986. For the past several decades, Knies has been developing a set of detailed plans he refers to as Desertec. Desertec aims to turn…

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Report from the latest online event on renewable energy sources

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Event

 GlobalSpec, a company specializing in e-publishing and digital events, recently hosted the Alternative & Renewable Energy online event. The event drew in a crowd of more than 2,100 people. Attendees – those viewing the event electronically – were given the opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in the world’s evolving energy market. A number of solar, wind and hydrogen products were showcased at the event, giving those in attendance a chance to see how these technologies operate in the industry. Chris Chariton, senior vice president of product management…

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