Toyota to launch new batteries for clean vehicles by 2022

Toyota clean vehicles - Hybrid engine

Automaker has plans to release its first solid-state batteries in 2022 Japanese automaker Toyota has announced plans to launch its new solid-state battery in 2022. The company has been working to develop new solutions for clean vehicles in order to make transportation more efficient and environmentally friendly. Toyota has extensive experience with battery technology and the company believes that its new batteries will help usher in a new era for clean vehicles. The new batteries could help make electric vehicles much more attractive to consumers. New batteries will help make…

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Toyota to focus on new renewable energy systems to replace lithium-ion batteries

Landfill Gas - Toyota Clean Energy

Toyota continues to show strong interest in renewable energy Lithium-ion batteries have been losing favor with much of the auto industry due to the lackluster sales of electric vehicles in recent years. Toyota, however, still has high hopes for these renewable energy systems, especially when it comes to transportation. Beyond electric vehicles, Toyota has avoided lithium-ion batteries because of how expensive they are, claiming that these energy systems are simply not viable for any large scale use. The automaker does have some ambitious plans for lithium-ion batteries in the future,…

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