Los Angeles will be receiving power from geothermal energy sources

Geothermal Energy Hot Spring

LADWP forms agreement to make use of geothermal energy The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has formed a new agreement to make use of geothermal energy. This is expected to help Los Angeles accomplish its environmental goals within the coming years. By 2025, the city intends to become coal-free, relying completely on renewable energy. The agreement to acquire geothermal energy was approved by the City Council and finally signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti shortly thereafter. Geothermal energy will be coming from projects in Nevada Per the agreement,…

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Ambitious solar power projects gets full funding from the state of California

How a Solar Tower Works

EnviroMission, an Australian alternative energy company, has announced that its ambitious solar power project, called the Solar Tower, has received full funding for development and construction from the Southern California Public Power Authority. The Solar Tower will be more than 2,600 feet tall and will have a massive greenhouse canopy at its base. The canopy will send heated air up the tower, spinning turbines and generating electricity along the way. The project is planned to take root in Arizona. In October of 2010, EnviroMission was authorized by the Southern California…

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