New offshore wind energy system to be developed off the coast of Long Island

Offshore Wind Energy - Wind Turbines and ocean

Statoil is bringing a new offshore wind energy project to the US A new wind farm is taking form off the coast of Long Island. The new wind farm is being developed by Statoil, a Norwegian company that specializes in the development of wind power. The new project is called Empire Wind and it represents the latest offshore wind energy project to come to the United States. Statoil successfully bid on some 79,000 acres of ocean where the new wind farm will take form. The company reportedly bid $42.5 million…

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Hywind offshore wind energy system begins operation in Scotland

Offshore Wind Energy - Wind Turbine Farm

Large-scale wind farm officially begins operation off the shore of Scotland One of the world’s first and largest offshore wind energy systems has officially begun operating off the coast of Scotland. Called Hywind, the new wind farm has been under development for 15 years. Norway’s Statoil is responsible for the development of this project. The wind farm is comprised of floating wind turbines, which allows them to be installed at greater depths. As such, these wind turbines can take advantage of stronger wind currents that can be found further away…

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Floating wind energy system is taking form in Scotland

Offshore wind energy - Wind Turbines in Ocean

Hywind project aims to provide wind energy to Scotland The world’s first floating wind energy system is taking form in Scotland. Called Hywind, the wind farm is meant to harvest electrical power in waters that are too deep for conventional offshore turbines. This may allow the wind farm to take advantage of stronger wind currents, allowing it to generate more electricity and funnel this power back to the mainland. The project could herald a new era for the wind energy space, where turbine technology is advancing at an accelerated rate.…

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Norway’s Statoil aims to build a new offshore wind farm in the United States

Offshore Wind Energy Funding - Building Wind Turbine

New offshore wind farm could be built off the coast of New York Norway’s largest oil company, Statoil, aims to build a new offshore wind farm off the coast of New York’s Jones Beach. The winds that can be found off of the coast of the United States are quite dependable and they could have the potential to produce as much as four times the amount of energy of all sources of power in the country. Statoil sees great promise in this potential, and is making plans to develop an…

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Hywind pilot park: the first floating wind farm in the world

The offshore wind farm consists of five wind turbines floating off the coast of Scotland. The Hywind Scotland pilot park, a 30 MW (megawatt) floating wind farm, is the result of a deal made between the Scottish government and Statoil, a Norwegian oil company, and is claimed to be the first of its kind in the world. The five large turbines that will be placed on floating structures located about 15 miles off the northeast coast of Scotland near Peterhead, will each generate 6 MW of power. The offshore wind…

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Siemens involved in massive offshore wind energy project in the UK

Siemens will develop and deliver wind turbines to the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm in the UK Siemens has received an order from Statoil and Statkraft, two prominent utilities in Norway, for wind turbines. The turbines are to be a part of the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm in the United Kingdom. The two utilities are involved in this offshore wind energy project  and want to make use of Siemens’ wind turbines in order to ensure that the project itself has the highest possible energy production capabilities. The wind turbines developed by…

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