Swedish project aims to use solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel - Swedish Flag

Nilsson Energy teams with AT Solar for ambitious new project Sweden’s Nilsson Energy AB has partnered with AT Solar for a new solar energy and hydrogen fuel project. Called RE 8760, the project intends to use solar power to produce hydrogen, which will serve as a form of chemical storage for this electrical energy. Nilsson Energy came up with the concept for the project and AT Solar will be providing the photovoltaic technology that the project will be making use of. Project will produce hydrogen as a way to efficiently…

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Countries may need to accelerate their renewable energy plans to fight climate change

Climate Change - Renewable Energy Needed

Countries must accelerate their environmental sustainability efforts in order to thwart climate change The transition toward renewable energy must be accelerated in order to combat the effects of climate change, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. The report is part of the organization’s Energy Transition Index 2018, which highlights the efforts that 114 countries are making to embrace clean power. The report ranks these countries based on their efforts and how large of a role renewable energy plays in their fight against climate change. Report shows…

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Swedish steelmaker embraces hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel in Sweden - Swedish Flag

SSAB will be building new facility powered by hydrogen fuel cells SSAB, a leading steelmaker in Sweden, has announced its participation in a new project called HYBRIT. The project involves the use of hydrogen fuel cells to generate the electricity needed to power a steel refining facility. Like other major companies, SSAB is looking to make use of cleaner forms of energy in order to cut emissions. Currently, the company accounts for a significant portion of the carbon emissions produced in both Sweden and Finland. Facility to begin testing fuel…

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JIVE 2 project seeks to bring more buses equipped with fuel cells to Europe

Fuel cells - Bus Moving in City Street

New project launches to deploy hydrogen-powered buses Clean transportation in Europe is gaining more momentum thanks to the launch of the JIVE 2 project. The project will be leveraging a $25 million grant from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, which will help it deploy new buses equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. JIVE 2 will be deploying 152 of these buses across 14 European cities. These cities will be located in France, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. European cities are working to make transportation cleaner The JIVE…

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Norsk Hydro to purchase wind energy from project in Sweden

Wind Energy in Sweden - Wind turbine farm

Large corporation has agreed to purchase electricity from wind farm Norsk Hydro, a major aluminum producer based in Europe, has agreed to purchase the majority of electricity produced by a new wind energy system in Sweden. The new wind farm is currently under development, receiving financial support from Macquarie, an Australia bank, and General Electric. These two organizations believe that the power purchase agreement formed with Norsk Hydro represents the largest of its kind for a corporate wind energy purchaser. Corporations are beginning to invest heavily in clean power Many…

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European countries are struggling with the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement - Image of Paris with Eiffle Tower

Only three countries are on track to comply with the Paris Agreement Sweden, Germany, and France are the only European countries that are pursuing policies that will allow them to meet the commitments they made through the Paris Agreement, according to a recent study from the EU Climate Leadership Board. The European Union, as a whole, has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. Some countries seem to be taking this pledge more seriously than others, however, which could lead the region to mission its emissions reduction targets…

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Sweden aims to abolish taxes on solar energy by 2017

Sweden is taking an ambitious step toward embracing clean power Sweden is making a bold move to embrace renewable power. The country has plans to completely abandon all taxes on solar energy in 2017, which may help Sweden successfully reach its goal of becoming completely reliant on clean power by 2040. Solar energy has a long road ahead in Sweden, however, and the country may have to do more than abolish taxes on this form of clean power in order for it to become viable source of electricity. Solar energy…

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Google steps into the wind energy market in Sweden and Norway

Google will be purchasing electrical power from wind farms in Sweden and Norway Google has entered into a deal to acquire two wind farms in Norway and Sweden. The deal is part of the company’s overarching plan to embrace renewable energy. Last year, Google revealed this plan, aiming to purchase some 842 megawatts of clean power. The company hopes to be entirely reliant on clean power in the relatively near future, and wind energy is expected to play a major role in accomplishing this endeavor. Company will add 235 MW…

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Nel Hydrogen Solutions to build a new hydrogen fuel station in Sweden

New hydrogen station to be built in Marlestad Nel Hydrogen Solutions has made a deal with the City of Marlestad in Sweden to build a new hydrogen fuel station. The new station will be located in a high traffic area and will complete the hydrogen network connection amongst Scandinavian capitals. Clean transportation has been growing in popularity throughout the region. Countries are looking to embrace clean vehicles in order to limit emissions production and meet environmental goals established over the past few years. Cities are looking to bolster their hydrogen…

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Toyota to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to Sweden and Norway this summer

The Mirai will be available in Norway and Sweden this summer Toyota has plans to launch its new fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, in both Sweden and Norway this summer. The vehicle has already made its way to other parts of Europe, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, and Belgium. Toyota has been promoting its fuel cell vehicle quite heavily over the past few months. The automaker believes that hydrogen fuel cells, which the Mirai uses for energy, could be the future of the transportation space and has been investing…

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World’s smallest hydrogen fuel cell developed by myFC

Swedish company creates a small fuel cell charger for mobile devices Sweden’s myFC, a developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has successfully developed the world’s smallest fuel cell system, which is designed to power mobile devices. The fuel cell system is called “JAQ” and is meant to serve as a way for consumers to charge their mobile devices without having to consume electricity from the existing energy grid. JAQ is also quite inexpensive, with consumers able to pre-order the system for a two-year payment of $5 a month. Fuel cells…

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New hydrogen fuel study project to launch in Sweden

PowerCell partners with other companies to launch promising new project PowerCell Sweden, a company specializing in hydrogen fuel, has launched a new study project that is aimed at the development of a new system that is able to store and produce hydrogen through the use of excess electrical power. This energy would be generated through wind and solar power systems that have already been developed in Sweden. Fuel cells will be using the hydrogen fuel generated through this system to produce backup electrical power. Surplus clean energy can be used…

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Sweden’s largest hydrogen fuel station is now open

AGA officially opens Sweden’s largest hydrogen station, largest in Stockholm Sweden’s largest hydrogen fuel station has been opened by AGA, a subsidiary of the Linde Group. The fueling station is also the first to be opened in Stockholm and will supply fuel to those with fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles have yet to see widespread commercial release in Sweden, but the country is expected to become a prominent market for fuel cell vehicles in the near future, especially as new fuel stations are developed. New fueling station will provide much…

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PowerCell receives first order for its S2 fuel cells

Developer announces that it has received the first order for its S2 platform PowerCell, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells based in Sweden, has announced that it has received the first order for its S2 fuel cell platform. The company has established a strong position in the Nordic fuel cell space, offering innovative products that are gaining popularity. The S2 platform is a next generation fuel cell stack that made its first debut at the Hannover Fair in Germany earlier this year. At the event, the S2 platform managed to…

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Vancouver embraces renewable energy

City Council votes to adopt renewable energy in a major way The City of Vancouver, British Columbia, has become the first city in Canada to aim to derive no less than 100% of its electrical power from renewable energy sources, following a vote from the City Council. The council unanimously voted to embrace renewable energy, hoping to abandon more conventional forms of power that are environmentally hazardous. British Columbia has become a very prominent clean technology and energy market, where innovation is being supported by provincial policies and initiatives from…

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New hydrogen fuel station being built in Sweden

Sweden is working to bolster its hydrogen infrastructure with new fuel station Some of the world’s largest automakers have plans to release hydrogen-powered vehicles in the coming years, and some countries are taking steps to ensure that these vehicles have the support they need to be successful. Sweden is one of the countries. For several years now, Sweden has been interested in embracing hydrogen fuel as a viable energy source. Several government initiatives have been launched to support the adoption of hydrogen and help establish an infrastructure for fuel cell…

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