Amazon opens a new renewable energy system in Texas

Amazon Renewable Energy

Corporation opens a new 253 MW wind farm in Texas Massive online retailer Amazon is beginning to challenge Google in terms of renewable energy adoption. The company has launched a new wind energy system in Texas, home of a very powerful wind market. Called Amazon Wind Farm Texas, the new system has a maximum capacity of 253 megawatts. The new wind farm increases Amazon’s overall renewable energy capacity to 1.22 gigawatts. By comparison, Google has some 1.85 gigawatts of installed clean power capacity. Several companies are beginning to embrace renewable…

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Clean energy is placing more pressure on older forms of power in Texas

Clean Energy - Image of barn in Texas with flag

Companies using fossil-fuel to generate electricity are finding it harder to compete with clean energy Clean energy in Texas may be making it harder for old companies focused on fossil-fuels to generate profit. South Texas is home to very strong wind currents and experiences ample sunlight throughout the year. Notably, wind currents are strong through most of the day in South Texas, particularly during the midday when energy consumption is at its highest. For companies specializing in clean energy, this has been a major financial boon, whereas companies that specialize…

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Renewable energy sets a new record in the United States

Renewable Energy Record - Solar and Wind

US renewable energy hits a new milestone Renewable energy has reached a new major milestone in the United States. During March of this year, wind and solar power accounted for 10% of the nation’s total energy generation for the first time, according to the Energy Information Administration. Renewable energy has been growing quickly throughout the country, but wind and solar have experienced particularly rapid growth due to support from federal and state governments. Last year, wind and solar experienced significant growth in terms of capacity, according to the Energy Information…

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Akamai Technologies invests in Texas wind energy project

Wind Energy Investment

Company will be providing financial support for new wind energy system being built in Texas Akamai Technologies, a delivery network and cloud computing service provider, has announced that it is investing in a new wind farm being developed in Texas. The investment represents the company’s continuing efforts to embrace clean power. According to Akamai Technologies, it will derive half of its electrical power from renewable energy by 2020. Wind energy will play a role in accomplishing this goal, especially as wind farms become more efficient and capable of meeting the…

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Texas wind power use gets a shot in the arm with huge 7-Eleven deal

Wind Enegy - Texas Flag in Wind

The company has signed an agreement with TXU Energy so it will buy 100 percent wind energy for its Texas locations. 7-Eleven signed a Texas wind power agreement with TXU Energy. This deal allows the convenience store giant to purchase 100 percent wind energy for each of its store locations within the state and that are positioned within “competitive energy markets.” This represents the majority of the 7-Eleven locations in Texas. The Texas wind power agreement will continue over 96 months. This will provide wind energy to 425 stores and…

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ERCOT predicts that wind energy will play a major role in Texas’ future

Wind Energy - Tall Wind Turbine

Wind energy is quickly gaining importance in Texas Wind energy will become an integral part of Texas’ future, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). The organization operates the majority of the energy grid in the state and believes that wind power has become a reliable source of electricity capable of meeting the needs of consumers throughout Texas. ERCOT’s seasonal assessment shows that wind energy will be able to generate enough electricity to help meet projected peak demand, which is significant as temperatures rise and consumers rely more…

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German developer to build a new wind energy system in Texas

E.ON is bringing a new project to Texas to further wind energy goals E.ON, a leading energy developer based in Germany, has announced that it will be coming to Texas to build a new wind farm. The company has seen major success with its efforts in Germany, where wind energy has been growing at a very rapid pace. Texas, however, represents one of the fastest growing wind markets in the world and is home to the largest, and most successful, wind markets in the United States. E.ON sees significant promise…

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Wind energy is beginning to take over Texas

Solar and wind continue to see strong growth throughout Texas Solar and wind energy are taking over in Texas. These two forms of clean power are beginning to outpace conventional forms of energy in terms of electricity production, which could have major implications for the future of the state. Texas is already home to the largest wind energy market in the United States, and solar power is growing quickly in the state. As one of the nation’s largest oil and natural gas producers, the rise of clean energy in Texas…

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Amazon announces new wind energy project in Texas

Amazon will be launching a new wind energy system in West Texas Major online retailer Amazon has announced a new major renewable energy project in Texas. The project is focused on wind power and has been dubbed the Amazon Wind Farm Texas. Amazon is just one among many major companies that have begun to invest aggressively in wind energy and other forms of clean power. The company believes that renewable energy can help it become more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of harmful emissions it produces each year. Wind…

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Wind energy grows in Texas, but demand for electricity is falling

ERCOT shows that wind power is becoming more popular The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has announced that demand for electrical power throughout the state fell in February. The supply of wind energy, however, grew. Wind accounted for one of every 5 megawatts generated in the state, accounting for a higher percentage of the state’s energy supply than what was seen last year. Notably, wind power surpassed nuclear energy, becoming the third largest energy source for ERCOT so far this year. Wind sector expected to see strong growth in…

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Texas is catching up with others in the solar energy race

Texas is making headway with solar power installations Solar power is expanding in Texas and the state may no longer be lagging behind the rest of the country when it comes to total installed solar capacity. Texas has long fallen behind in this regard, having shown relatively limited support for this form of renewable energy in the past, but the state is beginning to invest more heavily into the solar sector. This has to do with the state’s plans to become more environmentally friendly by cutting down on emissions and…

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Texas may see a solar energy boom this year

TXU Energy announces new plan that provides solar energy to consumers Solar energy may see a boom in growth in Texas in the near future. TXU Energy, the state’s largest energy utility, has announced that it is offering those interested in clean power the opportunity to take advantage of its 100% solar energy plan. The plan comes as a three-year contact, through which consumers will be paying 12.9 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity they use. The utility believes that this new plan is an adequate alternative to investing in traditional…

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New wind energy system is taking form in Texas

Pattern Energy to develop Logan’s Gap Wind Farm with support from Walmart The Pattern Energy Group has launched a new wind energy project in Texas. The Logan’s Gap Wind Farm is being supported by a contract by Walmart, which has become a major supporter of renewable energy throughout the United States. Pattern Energy is one of the most active companies in the wind energy of Texas and the state has become the leading power in wind energy generation. Texas has a significant amount of wind potential and has begun tapping…

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Wind energy to power Dow’s Freeport manufacturing site

A new wind farm in South Texas will help the Dow Chemical Company further reduce its carbon footprint. The Dow Chemical Company has taken another step toward shrinking its carbon footprint by signing a long-term agreement with a new wind farm that is currently under construction in South Texas, which, once it is built, will supply wind energy to Dow’s Freeport Texas Manufacturing facility, providing it with 200 MW (megawatts) of wind-generated power, every year. The wind farm is expected to be finished in the first quarter of 2016. The…

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Wind energy makes up 10% of Texas’ energy consumption in 2014

Wind power is growing quickly throughout Texas Wind energy accounted for 10% of the electricity used in Texas in 2014, according to information from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. The organization notes that wind power has managed to gain significant support since 2009, when wind began accounting for a larger percentage of the energy consumed throughout the state. The total energy produced by wind farms in Texas grew by 11.3% from 2009 to 2014. Grid expansion helps funnel more wind power into the state’s energy grid The increase of…

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Texas reaches new milestone in wind energy

New wind power record set in Texas on March 27 Texas has reached a major milestone in wind energy. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has announced that on March 26, some 30% of the state’s energy demands were met through the wind farms operating in the state. Texas is home to one of the fastest growing wind markets in the country and the state government has been supporting the adoption of wind power for some time. Texas is expected to become a leader in the wind sector in the…

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