Wind energy has won more support in Turkey

Wind Energy Support in Turkey - Flag of Turkey

Turkish government plans to bring wind power investments up to $5 billion Turkey has announced an ambitious new plan to significantly increase its use of wind energy. The Turkish Wind Energy Association has revealed that the government intends to have some $5 billion in investments in wind power by the end of this year. On December 25, Turkey plans to launch a five-day-long tender, which seeks to support some 2,130 megawatts of wind projects. These projects will take form throughout the country and harness Turkey’s wind resources in order to…

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Geothermal energy to expand in Turkey

Organizations invest $125 million into the country’s geothermal energy sector to ensure its growth Geothermal energy in Turkey has gained more financial support, which may help it thrive in the country. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Clean Technology Fund have made an investment of $125 million into Turkey’s geothermal energy sector. The funding is part of a program, called PLUTO, through which both organizations attempt to support the adoption of renewable energy and clean technologies. The PLUTO program aims to develop five new geothermal sites in…

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Landfill gas can meet electricity demand for one million homes in Turkey

Turkey may have found alternative energy to Russian gas. Landfill gas (LFG) may help Turkey achieve its aim to diversify its methods for generating power, which would help the country to improve its green energy production and reduce its dependency on Russia and other foreign suppliers of oil and natural gas. LFG could help provide more energy to residences and help combat global warming. According to Mehmet Gür, CEO of the Ortadoğu Group, with landfill gas, Turkey can replace as much as 5% of its electricity production from Russian gas.…

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Renewable energy grid parity may be coming to Europe

Report suggests that grid parity is not an impossible dream in Europe Unsubsidized renewable energy may become a reality in Europe within the coming years. A new report from POYRY, an energy consultancy firm, suggests that wholesale grid parity is on the horizon. The report highlights the growing trend of retail grid parity in many European countries. As renewable energy continues to grow and receive more support, it is beginning to compete with more traditional forms of energy in terms of cost and supply. Grid parity could be possible as…

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Geothermal energy plants in Turkey help save water

Water usage has been reduced by three geothermal power plants in the country. Three Turkish geothermal energy facilities owned by Kipas Holding have dramatically lowered water usage, decreased CO2 emissions, reduced corrosion and are utilizing the Industrial Internet with assistance from GE’s water treatment technology. Kipas Holding was honored with an award for its notable environmental efforts. General Electric (GE) honored the company with the Return on Environment (ROE) award to recognize the company’s significant reductions in water usage, corrosion and CO2. Kipas Holding has three existing Maren Enerji geothermal…

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Recycling technology in Istanbul feeds stray dogs and cats

People in Turkey’s largest city can feed stray animals by recycling plastic. The recycling technology, created by Pugedon, has been designed to distribute a small portion of dry kibble and drinking water for one of the city’s numerous stray dogs or cats whenever a person deposits a plastic bottle in one of the company’s “Smart Recycling Boxes”. Combined, there are an estimated 150,000 stray cats and dogs in Istanbul. Due to the fact that there are so many of them, it is not uncommon to see animals wandering the streets.…

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Turkey inaugurates first hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen Fuel Station

First hydrogen fuel station in Turkey finds home in Istanbul Turkey has inaugurated its very first hydrogen fueling station. The station is located in Istanbul and has already been used to refuel a Hyundai ix35 and a hydrogen-powered boat deasigned by students from the Yldiz Teknik Universitesi. The station itself is located at Golden Horn, a historic inlet of the Bosphorus strait. The new hydrogen fuel stations is expected to help boost the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure and help serve the needs of consumers that will be driving hydrogen-powered vehicles…

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Turkey may be one of the world’s top producers of hydrogen

Istanbul Turkey Hydrogen Market Leader

Officials with the United Nations’ International Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies say that most European nations will be fully reliant upon alternative fuels, especially hydrogen, by 2020. And so, the race for hydrogen is on. Fuel cells have been seeing more use in a number of industries; including auto, construction and distribution, but the world still lack an infrastructure capable of supporting a hydrogen economy. Nations like Germany and the UK have garnered quite a bit of attention for their efforts toward this end, but it is in Turkey where…

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