Heating Your Home: How a Government Scheme Could Prevent the Winter Chills

A recent report has revealed that the average annual energy bill of joint gas and electric charges is set to rise to around £1,560 – double the amount it was 9 years ago. With the price of living costs increasing, households worry about how they’ll make ends meet every month. It’s especially difficult for elderly and vulnerable people, who are more susceptible to illness, sometimes even scrimping on food in order to fund their heating bills. It is no wonder Ed Miliband’s declaration to freeze energy prices for two years…

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UK’s Green Deal: Is it At Par with the Rest of Europe?

Solar Energy Home Germany

Most homeowners in the UK want to switch to renewable energy consumption. They think that it is the most efficient way that will enable them to live sustainably at home. That is the reason why the UK government developed the Green Deal scheme. However, is the UK’s Green Deal at par with the rest of Europe? Are there any improvements made by the government to make it more reliable and efficient? The Green Deal scheme is a flagship green programme of the UK government, which aims to cut carbon emissions…

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