UK issues more support for offshore wind energy

Energy minister highlights more support for UK’s growing offshore wind industry The United Kingdom’s Energy Minister, Michael Fallon, has announced more aggressive support for the country’s emerging offshore wind industry. The UK has been pursuing the development of its offshore wind energy resources in recent years, hoping that wind power will help it break away from fossil-fuels and become more environmentally friendly. Fallon hopes that more support for the offshore wind industry will encourage the country’s supply chain and help more companies get involved in renewable energy. Government continues to…

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New turbines to be used at offshore wind energy system in the UK

Vestas builds new turbines with an energy potential of 8MW Vestas, a manufacturer of wind turbines, has developed a massive new turbine that has the potential to produce as much as 8 megawatts of electrical power. These turbines are some of the largest of their kind in the world, and they have finally found a home in the United Kingdom. DONG Energy, a Danish energy developer, has been working on the Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm and is in need of new turbines. UK continues to show aggressive support…

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UK revises energy plan to support offshore wind energy

Offshore wind gains more support in the UK The United Kingdom has been making changes to its energy plan recently. The country has become a staunch advocate of renewable energy, but its focused has been divided among various forms of clean power. This has slowed the progress of renewable energy somewhat throughout the country and the government is keen to fix this problem. The government has begun shifting its support from solar and onshore wind energy to offshore projects. Support for offshore projects spikes Offshore wind energy has become quite…

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Largest offshore wind energy system comes online in the UK

Offshore wind energy

UK activates world’s largest offshore wind energy system The world’s largest offshore wind energy system has been activated in the United Kingdom. The London Array, as it is named, came online late last week and represents one of the country’s most aggressive steps away from fossil-fuels. The United Kingdom has long been heavily reliant on fossil-fuels, but has taken a keen interest in renewable energy in recent years due to its economic prospects and concerns regarding climate change. Offshore wind energy has been particularly attractive to the country due to…

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World’s largest offshore wind energy system completed in UK

Wind Energy UK

Massive wind energy system completed in the UK The last turbine of the United Kingdom’s massive London Array has been installed, making it the largest offshore wind energy system in the world. The London Array is located in the Thames Estuary and is comprised of 175 wind turbines. The completion of this energy system further established the foothold of the United Kingdom in the realm of offshore wind energy. The country is quickly establishing itself as a leader in this field as it continues to focus on alternatives to fossil-fuels.…

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Alternative energy gaining traction in the UK

UK Alternative Energy

UK alternative energy use on the rise The United Kingdom has been investing more heavily in alternative energy in recent months. Throughout 2012, the government has been showing a strong interest in alternative energy, especially in terms of offshore wind power. The Department of Energy and Climate Change, which has been a strong advocate for the adoption of alternative energy in the UK, has announced that the country has reached a significant milestone in its use of clean power. 12% of country’s power comes from alternative energy sources According to…

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Offshore wind energy making progress in the UK

Offshore Wind energy

Siemens announces shipment of wind turbines to the UK Siemens, a German manufacturer of wind turbines, has been tagged as the supplier of 300 turbines that are making their way to the United Kingdom. Each turbine is capable of generating 6 megawatts of electricity, with the entire shipment accounting for over 1,800 megawatts of power capacity. The turbines will be used in the United Kingdom’s ambitious offshore wind energy projects, which are currently under development. The country has taken a keen interest in offshore wind energy because of the powerful…

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