UK solar power briefly overtakes gas as top energy source

UK solar energy - Solar Panels - Blue Sky

The heatwave in Britain has broken multiple solar energy-generation records. UK solar energy made headlines this past weekend when the nation’s solar power briefly overtook gas power stations as the United Kingdom’s top energy source. Last week, solar broke the record for weekly output in the UK. Although UK solar energy installations have “virtually flatlined” over the past year, according to a report from The Guardian, a week of mostly cloudless days has contributed to a series of record-breaking highs for this renewable form of power generation. According to Sheffield…

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Developers propose plans for UK’s largest solar energy system

Solar Farm - Solar Energy - Alternative Energy

New solar farm could begin producing electricity by 2020 Hive Energy and Wirsol Energy have submitted plans to develop the largest solar farm in the United Kingdom. If the proposal moves forward, the developers plan to have the solar energy system begin generating electricity by 2020. The plan must be approved by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, which has shown some support for solar power in the past. Once completed, the new solar farm will significantly increase the UK’s solar energy capacity. Solar energy system aims to…

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Ikea to begin offering solar energy products in the UK

Solar Energy - IKEA Store

Ikea is bringing solar panels to its UK stores Retail giant Ikea has plans to break into the solar energy market. The company has announced that it will begin selling solar panels and energy storage systems at its stores in the United Kingdom. These products will be sold alongside similar solutions provided by Solarcentury, a solar energy company based in the UK. Ikea is the latest in several retailers that have begun to offer solar panels and related services. These retailers are benefitting from the growing demand for clean energy,…

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New research project aims to help homeowners share solar energy

Residential Solar Energy - Solar panel energy on roofs

Researcher wants to develop a way for homeowners to share solar energy with one another A researcher from the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom is working to develop new technologies that would allow people to share the solar energy they produce themselves. Mahmoud Dhimish, a PhD student at the university, has launched a project focused on making this a possibility. The project is being supported by the University of Huddersfield School of Computing and Engineering. If successful, the project may eventually lead to a future where homeowners will…

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Solar power sets a new record in the United Kingdom

Solar Power Sets New Record

Solar power helps meet 24% of country’s peak energy demand Solar power has set a new record in the United Kingdom for the second time in a month. On May 26, the country’s solar power systems generated a total of 8.7 gigawatts of electrical power. This was able to meet 24% of the UK’s peak energy demand during the middle of the day. Earlier this month, the country’s solar energy systems were able to generate 8.48 gigawatts, the previous record in terms of energy generation. Renewable energy is playing a…

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UK aims to increase tax on solar energy by 800%

Solar Energy Taxes - UK Pounds

UK government announces massive tax hike on the solar energy sector The future of solar energy in the United Kingdom may have grown slightly dimmer. The UK government is set to increase taxes on rooftop solar power initiatives by a staggering 800%. Government officials refused to accommodate the concerns of solar advocates, many of whom called for the government to delay the tax increase or reduce it by a significant margin. The Solar Trade Association suggests that the tax increase is “nonsensical.” The tax increase is expected to come into…

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Solar energy reaches new milestone in the United Kingdom

Solar power outpaces coal in energy production Solar energy has reached a major milestone in the United Kingdom. Over the past six month, solar energy systems have generated more electricity than coal for the first time ever. An analysis from Carbon Brief shows that solar panels generated approximately $7,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity from April to September. This is approximately 10% more than the energy generated through the use of coal. Production of solar power is quickly growing in the UK This milestone highlights the UK’s increasing interest in solar energy…

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The UK’s solar energy market is beginning to outpace coal

Solar power is beating out coal-based energy generation Renewable energy is beginning to take over the market share of coal energy in the United Kingdom. According to a recent market analysis from EnAppSys, clean power, specifically solar energy, has become very prominent in the UK. Coal has begun losing ground throughout the country, with more investments coming to the solar energy market. Electricity generation in the solar space has surpassed coal-based energy for the first time in the UK this year. Solar accounted for 1.38 TWh of energy generation in…

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United Kingdom solar energy reaches new milestone in May

Carbon Brief shows that solar power surpassed coal in terms of energy production Renewable energy reached a new milestone in the United Kingdom last month. According to Carbon Brief, a research and analysis firm, solar energy surpassed coal in terms of electrical production in May of this year. This represents the first time solar power has managed to accomplish this feat, but may not be the last. The United Kingdom solar energy sector has been growing aggressively in recent years, with the government showing strong support for this form of…

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Solar energy sets new record in the United Kingdom

Solar has beat out coal in terms of energy production Solar energy has reached a new milestone in the United Kingdom, benefiting from the continued decline of coal power. Last weekend, solar power was able to provide more electrical power for homes than coal was able to in a 24 hour period. The solar sector has beaten coal in terms of electricity generation in the past, but only for a few hours. As the solar sector continues to expand, the need for coal will diminish, with solar power eventually replacing…

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UK cuts subsidies for solar energy by 65%

UK government decides to make major cuts to subsidies supporting homeowners interested in solar energy The United Kingdom government has opted to make cuts to subsidies for homeowners installing rooftop solar panels by 65%. The decision could have a major impact on the solar energy industry in the country, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change. A recent study from the agency suggests that cutting subsidies by this degree could put an end to some 18,700 jobs in the industry, which currently boasts of just over 32,000 jobs.…

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UK-India trade deal to support solar energy and hydrogen fuel

Trade deal will provide funding for the development of India’s solar infrastructure A new trade deal between the United Kingdom and India will bring in more funding for clean energy technology and projects. The trade deal, which is standing at more than $10 billion, will see more than $2 billion funneled into the development of India’s solar energy infrastructure over the next five years. The trade deal will also provide funding for hydrogen fuel projects, namely the development of new fuel cells and the establishment of a working hydrogen fuel…

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Solar energy capacity grows in the UK

UK government continues to show financial support for solar energy The United Kingdom has been showing strong support for solar energy in recent years. Recently, the government had committed more than $50 million to help developing countries overcome the challenges they face concerning climate change, with some of this funding being used to promote solar energy. Domestically, the government has also been advocating for solar power, suggesting that the solar sector could be a source of economic growth and potential prosperity for the country. Solar capacity reaches 6,526 MW According…

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Largest solar energy system in the UK gets connected to the grid

Landmead solar farm has been successfully connected to the National Grid The United Kingdom’s largest solar energy system, called Landmead, has officially been connected to the National Grid. The solar farm produces as much as 46 megawatts of electrical power, which is approximately enough to provide energy to 14,000 British homes. The land that the solar power system is located was originally used for grazing sheep. Now, the land will be used to produce electricity from sunlight while also serving as a grazing ground. Solar farm was developed by First…

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Solar energy capacity in Scotland grows 32%

Figures from Ofgem show that solar capacity in Scotland is on the rise Numerous organizations in Scotland have begun petitioning the government to do all it can to encourage the faster adoption of solar energy throughout the country. The call to action follows the release of figures by Ofgem, the United Kingdom’s primary energy regulator, that show Scotland’s solar capacity grew by 32% during 2014. The Scottish government has been supporting numerous solar power projects over the past year and some organizations suggest that these projects will bolster the country’s…

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UK reaches new solar energy milestone

2 GW of capacity installed in the UK this year The United Kingdom has reached a major milestone with its solar energy capacity. According to NPD Solarbuzz, more than 2 gigawatts of solar capacity was installed throughout the country in 2014. The government has been showing aggressive support for solar energy in recent years, making it one of the most heavily supported forms of clean energy in the United Kingdom. Solar power is expected to continue showing strong signs of growth in the coming years. Solar capacity continues to grow with…

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