General Motors and US Army continue work on fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership - GM and U.S. Army

GM delivers new fuel cell vehicle to the Army Automaker General Motors has delivered its new fuel cell vehicle, the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, to the United States Army. The new vehicle will be used as part of a demonstration on the capabilities of fuel cells and how they can be used to power vehicles. One of the aspects of fuel cells that have caught the Army’s interest is that they can be operated silently. This makes them particularly useful for special operations where making noise is not ideal. Automakers continue…

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Chevrolet unveils new vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell

Chevrolet begins showing off its new Colorado ZH2 Automaker Chevrolet has unveiled its new Colorado ZH2, which is an experimental vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system. The vehicle was designed for use by the United States military and is meant to determine the usefulness of fuel cells. The vehicle is quieter and more efficient than its conventional counterparts. The fuel cell system can also be used to generate electricity for purposes beyond transportation, making it ideal for use in various scenarios. Army set to test hydrogen fuel cell…

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Army and GM team to improve hydrogen fuel cells

The US Army and GM will be working together to demonstrate and improve fuel cell vehicles General Motors and the United States Army have confirmed that they will be working together on a fuel cell vehicle project. The partners are set to showcase a version of the Chevrolet Colorado that is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell in October of this year. GM is working alongside the Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC). Together, the two organization aims to showcase the capabilities of new fuel cell technology,…

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GM partners with the Navy to develop new fuel cell technology

GM will be developing fuel cells for underwater drones Automaker General Motors has teamed with the United States Navy to develop new hydrogen fuel cells that will be used to power underwater drones. The Office of Naval Research believes that fuel cells hold a great deal of promise. These energy systems generate electricity without producing harmful emissions, making them ideal for naval use. Fuel cells have also become quite popular in various sectors of the transportation space. They are being used to power a new generation of clean vehicles. Fuel…

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U.S. Army shows off world’s first fleet of hydrogen-powered military vehicles

Hydrogen Cars

The United States Army has revealed the world’s first military fleet powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cells. The fleet is comprised of 16 vehicles that will begin field testing in Hawaii this year. The vehicles are part of the U.S. military’s continued experimentation with alternative energy. The Department of Defense has highlighted hydrogen as one of its top priorities for the future and this latest development shows that the agency is making good on its promises to break the country’s dependence of oil. Once the vehicles have gone through the…

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