Researchers develop new catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Research - University of New South Wales

Research team has developed a new method to produce inexpensive catalysts Researchers from the University of New South Wales have developed a new way to make hydrogen fuel cells more affordable. The researchers have developed a method of creating fuel cell catalysts, comprised of iron, nickel, and copper. These catalysts are free of the expensive materials they are usually made of. The researchers believe that the new catalysts could lead to more efficient hydrogen fuel production and help make fuel cell systems more attractive. New catalyst will be less costly…

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China leads the way in planting biomass

Biomass is increasing throughout the world, offsetting carbon emissions A new study from the University of New South Wales’ Center of Excellence for Climate System Science shows that, globally, the amount of carbon stored in all living biomass above soil has increased by 4 billion tons since 2003. The study highlights China’s contribution to this, as the country is responsible for the largest increase in living biomass. The increase in biomass has had a significant impact on carbon emissions, which is helping improve the global environment. Increase in vegetation is…

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New solar energy record set in Australia

Research team breaks world record in solar energy production efficiency Researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia have set a new record solar energy efficiency. The research team made use of solar cells that are commercially available, but opted to use these cells in a new way. This allowed the team to improve the efficiency of solar panels by a significant degree, meaning that these energy systems were able to generate electrical power more effectively than their conventional counterparts. 40% of sunlight converted to electrical power by…

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Hydrogen fuel storage problems may be put to rest

Biomass - Study at University of New South Wales

Storage issues limit the use of hydrogen fuel Though hydrogen fuel has yet to show signs of slowing down in terms of popularity, its use remains limited due to the several challenges it faces. One of the most significant of these challenges is the issue of storage. There are several ways to store hydrogen, but most of these methods require that it be contained under high amounts of pressure and kept very cool through processes that are both energy intensive and quite expensive. Engineers from the University of New South…

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